Famous Trump Prophet Just Said It: “Obama Is Going To Jail”

Yes, it’s true.

Mark Taylor is the famous Firefighter Trump Prophet who began making prophecies in 2011.

Along with Kim Clement, another famous prophet, Taylor said in 2011 that Donald Trump would become President.  Of course Trump wasn’t even running at that time.  Taylor was mocked, even up to the day of the election when you may remember all the pundits said Hillary had a 91% chance of winning.

Turns out God didn’t agree.

Well Taylor is back again and he just made another whopper of a prophecy.  In fact, he made several prophecies.

Here are the highlights of what he says, and then scroll down to watch the short 11 minute video:

Two ex-Presidents will be “taken” and three will be “shaken”.  He explains that Carter and Bush-41 will die close together.  That will be a sign that the prophecy is about to happen.  

Then he makes very clear that Obama is going to jail.  Obama will be arrested for treason and will go to prison.  He will be stripped of his Presidency.  

Bill Clinton may go to jail as well.  

Bush-43 will be investigated and will come very close to going to prison.  All the evil that the Bush family has been involved with will come to light.

Three Supreme Court Justices will be removed, and Taylor recently had the revelation that this will be part of the sealed indictments.  

Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

Isn’t that absolutely incredible?

Sound crazy?  About as crazy as saying Donald Trump would become President….in 2011.


Here is the video.

Please enjoy (but don’t watch this late at night or you won’t be able to sleep you’ll be so excited!):


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