Dem Rashida Tlaib Won’t Let The New Zealand Tragedy Go To Waste; IMMEDIATELY Uses It For Political Gain

Some of the biggest radicals on the political left have been quick to use the terrorist attack on two New Zealand mosques that left 49 worshippers dead as an excuse to silence voices that have been critical of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the Democratic party.

Party leadership’s decision to significantly alter a rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar following her latest anti-Israel, anti-Jewish statements in order to protect one of the vaunted new freshman class that has been touted by Nancy Pelosi and the media was dishonorable and disgusting.

But the Dems willingly chose to protect a vile bigot who has already become one of the most controversial members in the U.S. Congress in a matter of two months.

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While Omar was given a pass for her anti-Semitism by her own party, House Republicans just introduced a resolution of their own that named names and strongly condemned the Somalia-born refugee’s despicable invocation of sinister tropes that have been used to demonize Jews by some of the most monstrous regimes in history.

But that all changed on Friday when the left and their allies in the media saw the Christchurch massacre as a convenient way to push the false narrative that President Trump is to blame and that all of his supporters are white nationalists who are the equivalent of the fanatic who cold-bloodedly murdered innocent Muslims in their house of worship.

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One of the Democrats who were quick to exploit the tragedy is Omar’s fellow extremist Rashida Tlaib, the foul-mouthed bomb thrower from Michigan who made it clear that her mission is to “impeach the motherf*cker” in the White House.

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Via The Hill, “Tlaib condemns ‘white supremacy’ agenda after New Zealand attack”:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), one of two Muslim women serving in Congress, slammed a “white supremacy” agenda in the U.S. after shootings at two New Zealand mosques on Friday left 49 people dead and dozens of others injured.

“From Charleston, to Pittsburgh, Texas, Oak Creek, New Zealand and many places in between, white supremacists are targeting places of worship to push their violent, racist and terrorist agenda,” Tlaib said in part in a statement, referencing other areas where shooters have targeted places of worship.

“This morning I tried to hold back tears as I hugged my two brown, Muslim boys a little tighter and longer. The painful loss of life based on hate makes me so angry. I am so angry at those who follow the ‘white supremacy’ agenda in my own country that sends a signal across the world that massacres like this is some kind of call to action.”

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Tlaib released an official statement on the slayings and then took to Twitter to use her own “brown Muslim boys” as human shields for her demented bigotry.

Everybody should condemn the unthinkable act of terrorism that was perpetrated in New Zealand but Rep. Tlaib’s hypocrisy is as clear as her overriding political agenda because she will not similarly condemn the anti-Semites in her own party.

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That’s because she is one of them.

Radical Rashida will soon be introducing articles of impeachment against Trump in the House Of Representatives which will make her into an even bigger hero with the socialists, Jew-haters and unhinged bigots who comprise her party’s base.

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