EXPLOSION: Scaramucci Goes NUCLEAR On Gossip Reporters For Salacious Story

Anthony Scaramucci went nuclear on two gossip reporters for publishing a salacious story about his personal life.

On Tuesday, Page Six published a story claiming Scaramucci was caught having a mysterious conversation in public with Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle.

As innocuous as the interaction likely was, the gossip reporters sensationalize their piece and claimed he was “romantically interested” in Guilfoyle.

“They were standing inches apart,” Page Six wrote. “And they were keeping their voices low.”

“The conversation looked serious,” the outlet reported.

Scaramucci went nuclear after Page Six Editor Emily Smith tweeted that he had been calling their office and made it clear he didn’t appreciate the story.

Scaramucci sent out several tweets directed at Smith and Francesca Bacardi, who wrote the piece, saying all they care about is “family break ups and children having to be raised separately and co-parented.”

In additional tweets, he uploaded screenshots of the two gossip reporters and slammed them for publishing stories that harm families.

Scaramucci said Bacardi was a “vicious lowlife animal” who was trying to destroy his family.

He added it was “time to fight back.”

Scaramucci also blasted Smith, calling her the “ugliest person there is on the inside” who has “no morals or journalistic standards.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Scaramucci has been excoriated by the liberal media for conversations or people he has spoken with privately.

Last year, Scaramucci was let go just 10 days after being appointed as the communications director at the White House.

Scaramucci had what he believed was a private conversation with former New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza. He spoke very candidly about individuals in the Trump administration he disliked.

Lizza published a piece detailing Scaramucci’s remarks, which resulted in his ouster from the White House after less than two weeks on the job.

Shortly after that, Page Six published a hit piece revealing that Scaramucci and his wife were getting divorced.

Page Six has a reputation for publishing overly sensationalized gossip geared toward “exploiting” influential figures.

But perhaps they will now think twice before attacking Scaramucci after he called them out by name and exposed their tactics.

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