ESPN Reporter Who Called Trump A White Supremacist Just Got CANNED

ESPN has followed up the announcement that the network would not be televising the national anthem during the NFL games that it will be broadcasting to conveniently edit out the race-obsessed malcontents on their knees on the sidelines.

It was a cowardly gesture that was blasted by none other than President Trump but the suits in Bristol clearly believe that what Americans can’t see won’t have them turning the channel this year.

But a more significant move is that ESPN is finally severing ties with one of its most toxically racist personalities, Jemele Hill who last year tweeted that Trump was a “white supremacist” and then refused to apologize.

Any chance at the suits in Bristol meting out discipline was quickly quashed when her co-host Michael Smith reportedly refused to work without Hill if she was suspended and there were even rumblings that racial grievance grifter Al Sharpton would organize boycotts against the beleaguered network.

Hill actually doubled-down by using her elevated profile to call for a boycott of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys because she disapproved of owner Jerry Jones’ stance on the national anthem protests.

For that one, she got a slap on the wrist via a short suspension. Hill was later taken off of the network’s flagship SportsCenter and was relegated to the obscure “Undefeated” where she was more or less free to continue her race-baiting to a far smaller audience.

Now, ESPN has decided to cut their losses and is going to just pay Hill to GTFO.

Via Deadline Hollywood, “ESPN And Sportscaster Jemele Hill Part Ways, Ending Her Politics-Tinged Tenure”:

Controversial sportscaster Jemele Hill is out at ESPN, months after her departure as a co-anchor from the network’s SportsCenter.

News surfaced late last night that Hill has been bought out of the remainder of her contract and will reportedly depart by Friday. She is the second prominent female at ESPN to move in the last few days. Earlier this week, Michelle Beadle was removed from the faltering Get Up! morning show and will focus on National Basketball Assn. coverage.

Hill has been fairly invisible at ESPN since departing earlier this year as co-anchor of the 6 PM hour of ESPN’s SportsCenter. She was listed on the staff of ESPN vertical The Undefeated as chief correspondent and senior columnist, but had few contributions and only the occasional on-camera appearance.

The fall from grace by Hill was triggered by the twin problems of low ratings and controversy over Hill’s political views, which she aired via Twitter. She was suspended and warned about tying her social media to politics, as the network is trying to move away from perceptions that it focuses too much on social issues and not enough on the nuts-and-bolts of sports.

With hate expressed toward white people being a boom industry in the media, Hill will quickly get another gig somewhere else with MSNBC being a good fit since it already employs bigots like Al Sharpton and Joy Reid.

As for ESPN? Too little too late. They should have fired Hill the second after she tweeted that “white supremacist” nonsense about Trump.