Donald Trump Interview, Has The Best Answers Ever

Donald Trump give a great interview and answers many great questions about his campaign.

Trump points out many reasons why he is winning and what works and what doesn’t.

Donald Trump drew a distinction between eligibility questions surrounding Marco Rubio’s run for the presidency versus those clouding Ted Cruz’s bid, saying the Florida senator is qualified because although his parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of his birth, he was born in the U.S. — unlike Cruz.

“It’s a different, very different thing because he was born here. He was born on the land,” Trump told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.” “Ted was not born on the land, and there’s a very strict reading that you have to be born on the land. (Harvard Law professor) Laurence Tribe actually said based on Ted’s views, he would have to be born on the land.”

Cruz was conferred American citizenship at birth because his mother is an American citizen, and legal experts have largely agreed that would qualify him for natural-born citizenship. The Texas Republican also had Canadian citizenship until he renounced it in 2014.

“He was born in Canada. He was a Canadian citizen until 15 months ago, if you can believe that,” Trump said.

“He says he didn’t know,” Tapper replied.

“He didn’t know. Well, he didn’t know about his financial papers either. You know, how are you going to be president if you didn’t know about a million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs,” Trump asked, referring to a controversy that surfaced earlier this week over Cruz’s 2012 Senate bid. “And you said it’s something you don’t know about. Now he doesn’t know that he was a Canadian citizen? I mean that’s in a way maybe worse than all the other things we’re talking about.”

A lawsuit was filed this week questioning Cruz’s eligibility for the presidency, as Trump predicted.

“There have been lawsuits filed. And I said lawsuits are going to be filed,” he said. “The Democrats are going to file lawsuits. They filed lawsuits. Now, he’s got a problem.”

Trump also hammered Cruz over his criticism of “New York values,” which the Texas senator said referred to the Empire State’s support of abortion rights, same-sex marriage and a focus on money and greed. Trump called those remarks “very, very insulting.”

“I immediately thought of the World Trade Center, and the bravery of New Yorkers and the genius of New Yorkers to be able to take that whole section and rebuild after the tragedy,” he said.

Asked if Cruz was making a subtle ethnic dig with his “New York values” comment, Trump said he didn’t know, adding, “probably you would have to ask him.”

But, Trump said, “I thought it was disgraceful that he brought that up … I think he came across badly. Some people gave him pretty good reviews on the debate. I think he came across as very strident and not a nice person, and people don’t like that.”

Trump said the “only place (Cruz) is doing fairly well is in Iowa.”

“I you look at these other places, he’s not doing well, and certainly not doing well nationally,” Trump added.

Still, he doesn’t want to take any chances, which is why he’s been spending on ads recently.

“I’m going to start spending money for two reasons. Number one, I feel guilty because I’m $35 million under budget,” he said. “Number two, I don’t want to take a chance.”

Trump pointed out that spending millions has not helped former Florida Jeb Bush emerge as a leading candidate.

“Jeb is spending so much money. Think of it, he spent $69 million, I spent nothing. He’s at the bottom of the pack, I’m at the top of the pack,” he said.

He then attacked former presidential candidate Lindsey Graham for endorsing Bush.

“I think it’s incredible. First of all, Lindsey Graham got out with zero. He had zero. He had nothing. That’s number one, so he’s not gonna get any voters and I think it’s a very bad thing for Lindsay Graham,” Trump said.

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