Don Lemon Gets DESTROYED By Gladys Knight, Who Defends Singing National Anthem At Super Bowl

CNN’s Don Lemon was left sour-faced after his chat with singer Gladys Knight, who absolutely destroyed him when they discussed performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIII.

Knight was tapped to be the performer of America’s great song, on the biggest stage of the planet, at the Super Bow on Sunday night.

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Lemon appears to be set on convincing her not to do it, citing a previous performer whose career possibly wasn’t as strong after their performance.

But this is the legendary Gladys Knight, and if there’s one thing Lemon isn’t doing, it’s pushing her around.

After the interview went south for Lemon, Knight went on to perform one of the most powerful renditions of the national anthem.

She was asked to perform a great song on a massive stage and Lemon makes it seem like that’s the most horrible thing she could do for her career.

No matter what’s going on with politics or the NFL, anyone who is ever asked to perform during a Super Bowl should always say ‘yes’ because it’s the most prolific stage on the planet.

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Here’s Lemon’s interview, followed by her performance at Super Bowl LIII.

Knight singing the national anthem in one of the most powerful and breathtaking renditions we have seen in years.

Watch her Super Bowl performance below:

Why does Lemon seem to hate America so much?

Does he ever smile?

Does Lemon enjoy living here in this country filled with opportunity, one that allows him to voice his opinions and vile content for the world to see on a huge network platform?

Knight’s performance was beautiful and there’s a good chance it left Lemon very sour.

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