Don Jr. UNLOADS On Dems After Desperate Stunt To Distract From President Trump’s Summit With NK

Donald Trump Jr. joined Tucker Carlson to discuss a wide range of topics Tuesday evening.

One of the issues that was brought up was the fact that the Democrats are planning on holding a public testimony for Michael Cohen at the exact time when President Trump is expected to meet with Kim Jong Un.

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Trump Jr. unleashed on the Democrats in Congress and expressed how he feels like this is a political hit job performed by the Left to distract Trump while he is working to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

Read what Trump Jr. had to say on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Donald Trump Jr.: I have my father. I know he’s in Vietnam right now trying to negotiate a peace settlement with nuclear North Korea after 60 years of failed attempts, trying to end the war, trying to end nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula. You have finally a president who’s willing to do it… And for the Democrats to try to counter-program that kind of progress, trying perhaps to try to distract him with this nonsense with a convicted felon whose been lying to those same committees, it just goes to show you how much those Democrats really disdain Trump but also America. I mean who wants to try to stymie that process? Who doesn’t want peace in the Korean peninsula?… It’s crazy but they show you that they really hate Trump much more than they like America. Because I get nothing from counter-programming those kind of peace talks with this nonsense that’s been proven with a convicted felon other than they just want Trump to fail even if it means America fails.


The Democrats have made it clear that they rather obstruct the President, than see America succeed.

This behavior from the Left has been escalated more and more over recent weeks because the “Russian collusion” narrative is proving to be a total hoax.

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President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama all failed when it came to stopping the production of nuclear weapons by North Korea.

President Trump has only been in office for two years and he has made way more progress with North Korea than all the previous presidents combined. Instead of applauding the president for making the world a safer place, Democrats in Congress are trying to destroy President Trump while he is working to make peace.

This type of behavior is not only dangerous to America, but it is dangerous on a global scale as well.

Michael Cohen, who lied to Congress, will be testifying to Congress against President Trump.

Cohen, who is expected to announce that Trump engaged in criminal activity while in office during his testimony, is being propped up by the far Left Democrats because they feel this is a way to obstruct the President while he is in Vietnam attempting to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

Considering Cohen is literally going to jail because he lied to Congress, it begs the question, how can he be trusted?

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