Don Jr. Defies Dems, Drops Major “Whistleblower” Truth Bomb

Ear-piercing shrieks of outrage erupted today after President Trump’s eldest son unleashed a bunker buster of a truth bomb that triggered Democrats and the media.

As speculation has swirled that Adam Schiff’s “whistleblower” is a CIA operative and Democrat party hack named Eric Ciaramella who was outed in a bombshell report by Real Clear Investigations, Dems have dug in to protect the identity of their snitch.

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Then on Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter where he retweeted a Breitbart News article on Ciaramella that tied him to key figures in the U.S.-backed 2014 Ukranian coup as well as efforts to meddle in the 2016 election that was off-shored to the former Soviet bloc country.

One of those is former Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the wife of arch-neocon Robert Kagan and the woman who was lined up to be Hillary Clinton’s own secretary of state.

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Don Jr. let it rip:

Via Yahoo News, “Trump Jr. tweets name of alleged whistleblower”:

For weeks, President Trump and his supporters have demanded that the identity of the anonymous intelligence community whistleblower who triggered the impeachment inquiry be exposed.

On Wednesday, Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., revealed the name of the alleged whistleblower in a tweet.

Trump Jr. presented no evidence that the person identified is the whistleblower, though the name has been circulating in right-wing media and on Twitter for several days.

The tweet links to a Breitbart News article that claims the whistleblower worked in the Obama administration and “interfaced” with officials who “played key roles” in facilitating the infamous Trump dossier produced by former British spy Christopher Steele, citing as evidence that the individual’s name appears in email chains related to Ukraine policy.

The White House did not return a request for comment. Trump Jr. did not immediately return a request for comment.


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The Breitbart piece is an explosive expose that reaches into the upper levels of Barack Obama’s State Department and not only Nuland but some of shifty Shiff’s biased “witnesses” are implicated.

According to Breitbart, “Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Worked Closely with Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer”:

Eric Ciaramella, whom Real Clear Investigations suggests is the likely so-called whistleblower, was part of an Obama administration email chain celebrating the eventual signing of a $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee to Ukraine.

That and other emails show Ciaramella interfaced about Ukraine with individuals who played key roles in facilitating the infamous anti-Trump dossier produced by Fusion GPS and reportedly financed by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. One of those individuals, then-Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland (pictured), received updates on Ukraine issues from dossier author Christopher Steele in addition to Nuland’s direct role in the dossier controversy.

Also part of the email chains was Christopher J. Anderson, who was a special adviser to former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker. Anderson testified to the Democrat-led House committees running the impeachment inquiry.

Ciaramella’s name comes up in six Obama-era government emails that were released by the State Department as part of two previous Freedom of Information Act requests.

One email, titled, “Loan Guarantee,” involved Nuland, who was reportedly a key champion of the Ukraine loan guarantee policy.

“Hurray,” a celebratory Nuland wrote in response to a translated Ukrainian government announcement about the signing of the $1 billion loan guarantee. The announcement singles out Joe Biden as being present for the conclusion of an agreement leading to the loan guarantee.

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While the entire media melted down over the exposure of Ciaramella as a key component of the ongoing coup to overthrow the legitimately elected POTUS, Don. Jr. didn’t give an inch and pointed out that it was the New York Times that provided the crucial clue to the identity of the so-called whistleblower.

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And in the rousing conclusion to his tweetstorm, Don Jr. went directly for the throat of corrupt Senator Dianne Feinstein who has never had to answer questions about that Chinese spy who she employed for nearly two decades after the 86-year-old Democrat attacked him.

Now that is something that should be investigated but don’t hold your breath waiting for Lindsey Graham to get off of his ass to do his job.

As for Ciaramella? If it is indeed him, then he sure as hell isn’t a whistleblower and needs to face some very serious questioning by congressional Republicans.

As for Don Jr. – atta boy, you sure rattled the bastards’ cages today!

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