DOH! Bernie STILL Can’t Explain How He Will Pay For The $33 Trillion Medicare For All Plan [VIDEO]

On Monday, Fox News held a town hall event for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. The event was very well attended by far Left socialist supporters of Sanders.

Most of the questions that were asked couldn’t be answered by Sanders and instead of answering them, the 2020 Democratic hopeful played mental gymnastics and changed the subject time after time.

One of the answers that he couldn’t answer was how we would pay for “Medicare for All,” which studies show could cost taxpayers nearly $33 trillion dollars.

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Check out what the Federalist had to say in relation to Sanders’ ability to beat around the bush by never giving a clear response:

Sanders hasn’t done a good job of explaining “Medicare for all,” to put it mildly. Asked about the specifics of his plan, Sanders employed the tried and true three-step explanation for how it works.

Step one, point out that the United States is the only “very highly developed” country without socialized health care and note that U.S. per capita health spending is much higher than that in these other countries. Make sure you do this without noting the problems inherent in the way these other countries ration lifesaving treatments (and even prevent you from leaving the country to seek potentially lifesaving treatment, presumably just to make some stupid nationalistic point about how great it is that everyone is trapped in the same system together). Also, under no circumstances note that these other countries often have vastly inferior medical technology and infrastructure–the average wait time for an MRI in Canada can be longer than five months, which is unthinkable here.

Step two, elide over all the details of how to implement a socialized system that addresses the size and diversity of American health care, which is radically different from the challenges faced by much smaller and more homogeneous European countries with supposedly superior care. Most importantly, also elide over the fact that the socialized health care system we have that’s supposedly so appealing, Medicare, is a money black hole with trillions in unfunded liabilities that is the single largest driver of our enormous debt that threatens to precipitate a republic-destroying financial crisis.

Step three, after having said nothing particularly illuminating or specific, bask in the glory of being a radical reformer that dares to imagine a future where greedy insurance companies are put out of business by a selfless and incorruptible federal government.

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This is the same template that Sanders used during the Fox News Town Hall event.

Sanders said it himself, “You’re gonna pay more in taxes but your health care will be cheaper,” Sanders said during the event.

The Associated Press reported that “Sen. Bernie Sanders’s ‘Medicare for all’ plan would boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, requiring historic tax hikes.”

Here’s what ILMF previously reported on this topic and how Sanders’ socialist plan could bankrupt the entire nation:

The study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University revealed that the federal government would have to impose unprecedented tax increases across the board to pay for “free” medicare for everyone in the United States.

Overall, the study found that Sanders’ plan would save money on administration and drug costs, but it would skyrocket the demand for medical care, drive up spending, result in other government programs not receiving funding, and could result in a total economic collapse.

The study analyzed Sanders’ plan to expand the federal government’s role in Medicare, the insurance program for senior citizens. His plan would provide “free” care to everyone, eliminate co-pays and deductibles, and greatly reduce the role of the insurance industry.

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You’d technically be receiving “free” healthcare except you would be making up for the “freeness” by paying for it in taxes.

This simple fact is being ignored not only the Left as a whole, but also by Sanders, who is misleading American voters.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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