Do You Know Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Button His Suit Jacket? (The answer is disturbing)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has defied political reality in this presidential primary to the delight of his supporters. His famous “Make American Great Again” hat and his willingness to speak his mind have made him quite popular in conservative circles.

But Trump’s that hasn’t been the fashion statement of The Donald’s that has had people talking. Trump followers have noticed that it seems that the billionaire businessman never buttons his jacket during his large rallies and other public appearances.

Most politicians are always careful to look proper in their fancy suits whenever addressing large audiences. Given Trump’s disdain for acting like a politician, it could be reasonable to assume that was why he never buttoned his jacket.

Roger Stone, Trump’s former senior adviser and “close confidante,” Trump’s fashion faux pas had nothing to do with bucking the establishment and everything to do with Trump’s safety.

Stone claimed on Twitter that Trump was wearing a bulletproof vest, which made it uncomfortable to button his jacket all the way.

While this is unconfirmed, it isn’t that hard to believe. Trump has received thousands of death threats from liberals, and even a few Republicans, who don’t like what he has to offer.

Trump and Dr. Ben Carson were the first Republican presidential candidates to receive Secret Service protection on the campaign trail due to the number of threats against them.

Trump also made a powerful enemy when he mocked Mexican drug lord “El Chapo,” who allegedly put a $100 million bounty on Trump’s head.

Trump has made it very clear that he will always speak his mind, regardless of who he offends. This style of rhetoric is quite refreshing to the American people, but it can come with a heavy price: Trump must always be on the lookout for someone who wants to hurt him because of what he has been saying.

While there is no doubt Trump is a strong person, that sort of constant vigilance must be hard to bear for both him and his family.

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