DISGUSTING: University of Wisconsin-Madison offers class called “The Problem with Whiteness”

Obama’s America…

Obama has caused such racial division in our country that Universities have taken their race-bashing to a WHOLE new level, and here is the latest example…

The University of Wisconsin is now offering an extremely racist class called “The Problem with Whiteness” and liberals are actually applauding this. I know, shocking…

Apparently the University offers classes about other races too, but this particular class is the only one that paints an entire race as “a problem”

More from the Daily Wire:

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison has recently had to defend a certain class it offers as part of its African Cultural Studies program. It insists the class was “not designed to offend individuals or single out an ethnic group,” but students do not seem convinced.

The class is titled, “The Problem of Whiteness.”

As part of “The Problem of Whiteness,” students are taught “what it really means to be white,” as part of a method of understanding “whiteness” and how to “help dismantle” any feelings of superiority that might come with being white. Other course objectives include recognizing “what an ethical white identity entails,” and “what it means to be #woke,” according to Campus Reform’s Kassy Dillon.

“The Problem of Whiteness” fulfills UW-Madison’s ethnic studies requirement for graduation. The class’s description begins with Richard Wright’s quote, “There is no Negro problem in the United States, There’s only a white problem,” and continues by bashing white Americans for either not seeing themselves as much of a problem or not taking enough initiative to be vocal about how much of a problem they are.

“After all, since white supremacy was created by white people, is it not white folks who have the greatest responsibility to eradicate it?” the course description reads.

In courses on topics of colored races, the focus is on their victimization, whereas in courses exploring whiteness, the focus is on how whites perpetuate the victimization of others, even without realizing it.

In a campus-wide statement Monday, the school defended “The Problem of Whiteness” as a course that will “benefit students who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of race issues,” and “challenge… racism of all kinds.” Except anti-white racism, of course.”

This is by far the most DISGUSTING thing I’ve seen this year. This kind of rhetoric is EXACTLY why Trump was elected in 2016 and why he will be RE-ELECTED in 2020!!!

Get this everywhere to spread their liberal shame!

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