DISGUSTING: Pelosi Calls 9/11 Terror Attacks An ‘Incident’ To Attack GOP & Defend Weaker Borders

House Minority Leader referred to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, which led to roughly 3,000 innocent Americans being killed, as an “incident.”

During her weekly news conference Thursday on Capitol Hill, the California Democrat not only used a deeply offensive word to describe the worst terror attack on American soil, she also bizarrely used it in her argument while advocating for weaker borders.

Pelosi was discussing President Donald Trump’s administration previously using zero-tolerance policies when separating children from the adults they arrive with at the southern border. She was blaming the administration for literally using the same practice as former Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Pelosi said the Trump administration believes that “if you are a mom who wants to escape rape, murder and gang violence for your child, and you’ve tried to come to asylum in the United States, you are unfit, and we’re taking your child away from you.”

Pelosi was defending her position on wanting weaker border enforcement by claiming Republicans opposed tougher border measures after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“When we had the 9/11 incident, the commission was formed and they made the recommendations. They made recommendations to protect America, and some were about our borders, and Republicans would not take them up.”

After making her highly egregious comments, Pelosi went on to claim Democrats will retake both chambers of Congress in November’s midterm elections because Americans believe taking “children away from their parents” is not what the nation stands for or believes in.

Watch below, with her comments on 9/11 and weaker border security beginning around the 22:00 mark:

To refer to the the 9/11 terrorist attacks as an “incident” is not going to sit well with many Americans, especially given she was doing so when trying to defend her position on weaker border security measures.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time in recent months where Pelosi has had an embarrassing gaffe in public or made an outrageous statement.

On Monday, Pelosi blamed Postal workers for helping spread Christianity across the world. She oddly blamed the U.S. Postal Service for being the first known entity to deliver mail to people, saying they helped spread Christianity all over the world.

Late last week, the California Democrat said questioning her leadership is sexist, and lashed out at her own colleagues who have said she should not be the Speaker if Democrats retake the House in November.

She also struggled to remember Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s name, forcing an aide to finish her sentence and help her with his name.

Pelosi has stuttered several times in recent interviews, where she was unable to cite simple Bible verses, got busted for lying about the economy under Trump, and defended MS-13 gang members after the president called them “animals.”

While many conservatives are thrilled that this bizarrely behaving woman continues to be the face of the Democratic Party, Pelosi continues to make the perfect case for why we need congressional term limits.

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