Disgraced Former AG Jeff Sessions To Run For Old Senate Seat

There will be a familiar face joining the 2020 Senate races and it belongs to a certain disgraced former attorney general who was given the boot by President Trump.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has announced that he will be running for his old Senate seat in Alabama next year despite his miserable tenure at the Justice Department and his complicity in the Russian collusion hoax.

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Trump tabbed Sessions to be his attorney general after the sitting GOP senator enthusiastically supported his White House bid and then watched him check out shortly after being sworn in.

Sessions made it clear that he wasn’t up to the job when he immediately caved to Dems and the media and recused himself from all matters involving the Russia investigation, a disastrous decision that would ultimately lead to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

The POTUS frequently criticized his absentee AG’s failures and then after the 2018 midterm elections were over, Sessions was out, William Barr was in and the farce of the Mueller investigation ended shortly thereafter.

Now he’s back…

Via The Hill, “Former AG Sessions enters Alabama Senate race”:

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially announced a bid for his old Alabama Senate seat on Thursday, entering a crowded primary in the race to challenge vulnerable Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.).

“Our freedoms have never been under attack like they are today,” he wrote in the announcement on his campaign website. “We have major party candidates for President campaigning on socialism, confiscating firearms, and closing down churches they disagree with. I’ve battled these forces my entire life, and I’m not about to surrender now. Let’s go!”

Speculation over whether Sessions would enter the race swirled around Washington in recent weeks, with the former senator having made calls to members of the Alabama congressional delegation to gauge their level of support in the event he filed to run.

The Republican represented Alabama in the upper chamber for two decades before being tapped by President Trump to serve as attorney general.

After recusing himself from the Russia inquiry, Sessions ultimately resigned in November 2018 at Trump’s request, ending his tenure at the Department of Justice on a rocky note with the Trump administration.

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Sessions will face off against Democrat Doug Jones who defeated local Alabama hero Judge Roy Moore for the seat after the Republican was subjected to a vicious smear campaign led by the Washington Post in 2017.

Jones whose election benefited from one of the most extreme and divisive attacks on the conservative hero Moore was quick to release an ad slamming Sessions as too extreme and too divisive – you just can’t make stuff like this up.

In an effort to patch things up with his former boss whose support he is going to need to fend off the vicious scorched earth opposition from the Democrat machine, Sessions has nothing but kind things to say about President Trump.

If he wins, Sessions will return to the U.S. Senate too late for the first impeachment trial of the president but if Democrats fail and impeach him again after Trump is reelected, one has to wonder whether the spineless career politician will recuse himself again.

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