Details About Trump’s New Book

Donald Trump loves this country and explains how to win in his new book.

Trump is a walking success and America needs him more then ever.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump released a new book on Tuesday, and the 193-page”Crippled America” was pure, unfiltered Trump — from cover to cover.

Even the book jacket was in line with the Trump brand and his campaign theme, “Make America Great Again.”

His book-jacket bio noted that he is “the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence.”

It concluded: “Mr. Trump has more than seven million followers on social media and is passionate about fixing America.”

The book itself is dedicated, “importantly, to the people who are ready to Make America Great Again!”

In addition to relentlessly promoting the Trump brand and campaign theme, the book was essentially Trump-the-candidate packed into less than 200 pages. As Trump himself does on a regular basis, chapters would sometimes veer off on tangents to attack the media, defend his lack of specific policy proposals, and brag about his own fortune.

‘Winning matters’

The very first chapter of the book — titled “Winning Again,” the first sentence of which is, “America needs to start winning again” — stressed how successful Trump is.

“Donald Trump builds buildings. Donald Trump develops magnificent golf courses. Donald Trump makes investments that create jobs,” Trump declared. “Winning matters. Being the best matters.”

Trump’s book contained a number of sections that would rarely be found in most political tomes, including a personal-finance statement assessing his wealth at $8.7 billion. And even though independent analyses have pegged Trump’s net worth at roughly half that number, Trump included a two-page explanation about why he’s worth far more.

“My net worth has increased since I released (at my presidential announcement) the attached financial statement which is dated as of June 2014. The value of my real estate in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, Europe, and many other places has gone up considerably. I have very little debt, and even that is at low interest rates. My current net worth is more than ten billion dollars,” Trump wrote.

“I was very pleased to file this disclosure and proud of what I’ve accomplished.”

In the glossy-paged middle of the book — where memoirs typically feature photos of the writer throughout the years — roughly half the photos were of the grandiose properties he owns.

And then there was the 17-page “About the Author” section, which culminated in a three-page listing of all of his biggest hotels, resorts, golf clubs, buildings, ice rinks, planes, and helicopters.

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