Despite Video, Acosta Says He ‘Never Touched’ Intern; CNN Hosts Agree, Saying Video Is ‘Distorted’

CNN’s Jim Acosta caused a major stir on Wednesday after creating a wild scene at the White House, arguing with President Donald Trump, getting his “hard pass” credentials suspended, and was accused of placing his hands on a White House intern.

Despite video evidence appearing to show proof, CNN media host Brian Stelter implied the video of the incident was “distorted” and Acosta claims he “didn’t put [his] hands” on the White House intern.

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On Wednesday night, Acosta recorded a video and uploaded it to Twitter showing that Secret Service took away his “hard pass,” meaning his credentials to enter the White House.

Acosta also recorded a video and uploaded it to Twitter, which shows the Secret Service taking away his press credentials, which gives him access inside the White House.

In the clip below, Acosta complains and acts as if he doesn’t understand why he was suspended from entering the White House.

On Wednesday evening, Acosta hopped on CNN and claimed that he never touched the female staffer.

Here’s Acosta’s remarks to network host Anderson Cooper:

Stelter also came to Acosta’s defense, and implied that a video used by White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders to justify the suspension was “distorted” because it came from InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson.

Here’s Stelter’s tweet, where he appears to be implying that the White House is using a fake video of the incident.

This entire situation began on Wednesday afternoon when President Trump held a news conference from the White House to discuss the midterm elections.

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When Trump called on Acosta for a question, it heated up very quickly.

“I wanted to challenge you on one of the statements you made at the tail end of the campaign for the midterm elections,” Acosta began. “Here we go,” Trump replied, apparently bracing himself for Acosta to ask a leading question.

After Acosta continued to interrupt Trump, claimed the president was “demonizing immigrants,” and implied the president was wrong to call it an “invasion,” Trump was done playing nice.

“I think you should let me run the country and you run CNN,” Trump responded. “If you did it well, your ratings may be better.”

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In the video of the exchange, it appears that Acosta refused to hand over the microphone to a White House intern when Trump was trying to move on to another reporter.

While the intern was trying to grab the mic, Acosta can be seen clutching it and continuing to yell his questions.

“CNN should be ashamed of themselves having you working for them. You are rude, terrible person. You should not be working for CNN,” Trump shot back.

“You’re a rude person. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee Sanders is horrible. The way you treat other people is horrible,” Trump said, referring to his press secretary and other officials in his administration.

Watch the full clip below:

In a slow-motion version of the clip, it appears Acosta did drop his hand on the intern’s arm, which looks like an attempt to prevent her from taking the microphone from him.

The clip below is from Watson, which Stelter claimed was “distorted.”

Here’s two images from the video clip, which appear to show Acosta’s hand clearly on the interns arm.

The issue at hand is not necessarily whether Acosta “assaulted” the White House intern. The White House argued Acosta’s behavior and the fact that he placed his hands on the intern during the exchange led to his suspension.

Stelter claims the video of the incident is “distorted” and Acosta says he “didn’t put [his] hands” on the White House intern.

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