Dems Will Be PISSED When They See Trump’s Latest Immigration Idea: ‘Don’t Want People That Need..’

President Donald Trump made some very bold comments about immigration this week, saying he doesn’t want people in America that will be dependent on welfare.

During an interview on Monday with Breitbart, the president made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want America to take in thousands of immigrants who will receive taxpayer-funded welfare while in the U.S.

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“I don’t want to have anyone coming in that’s on welfare,” Trump said.

“We have a problem, because we have politicians that are not strong, or they have bad intentions, or they want to get votes, because they think if they come in they’re going to vote Democrat, you know, for the most part,” the president added.

As the president noted in the interview, roughly two-thirds of all immigrant households receive some form of welfare.

For context, an estimated 35 percent of American citizen households are enrolled in one or more welfare programs, which is much lower than immigrant households.

Trump admitted that some industries require migrant workers in certain capacities, but slammed Democrats for pushing open borders and wanting mass migration.

“They’ll take anybody into this country and we’re not allowing it, but because of the success of the country economically, some people say — I blame myself, but that’s a good blame, not a bad blame — but because of the country’s success and you need workers here,” Trump said.

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“You do need workers. You have homes in Houston, and they can’t get people to build the homes — and lots of other places. But because of what’s happened, and because of the people coming up, they want them to come in and they don’t care how they come in,” he added.

Trump reiterated, “I don’t want people that need welfare,” and added, “We owe a lot of money.”

“But I don’t like the idea of people coming in and going on welfare for 50 years, and that’s what they want to be able to do — and it’s no good,” Trump said.

These remarks from the president are bold and will undoubtedly trigger Democrats, many of which have refused to work with Trump on any immigration reform.

With the 2020 election season underway, many voters support Trump’s goal of securing the border and combating illegal immigration.

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This comes as Trump is planning to request an additional $8.6 billion in funding for a border wall from Congress in his proposed budget for fiscal year 2020.

The $8.6 billion would build or replace roughly 722 miles worth of the wall.

With the hundreds of miles of border wall already completed by the Trump administration, if Congress were to approve the $8.6 billion, that would mean Trump would get well over half the wall built by the end of his first term in office.

Congress must approve funding for fiscal year 2020 by Oct. 1.

All of this comes just days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded Americans for being against a Democrat measure that allows illegal aliens the right to vote.

Pelosi argued that immigrants, not American citizens, make the nation “more American.”

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