Dems Turn On Mueller, Issue Scathing Threats If Russia Info Not Released By Certain Date

“We’ll subpoena you! No, we’ll SUE you!”

Is that the juvenile voice of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Nope, as odd as it may sound, this is actually coming from California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

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As reported by Yahoo:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats will subpoena Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on his investigation into links between U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2016 election team and Russia if it is not given to Congress, senior lawmaker Adam Schiff said on Sunday.

Schiff, a Democrat who chairs the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, said Democrats will also sue the government and call on Mueller to testify to Congress if necessary.

So why all the drama? Hasn’t Trump been calling for the details of the report to be known for almost three years now? Yes, he has.

Don’t you find it strange that all of the sudden, it’s the DEMOCRATS that want the details of the report to be made public?

There are two reasons for this.

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#1 They are currently getting their butt’s kicked in the court of public opinion and desperately need a distraction.

With the Green New Deal, AOC’s idiotic statements, Trump kicking butt all over the place, and now the Jussie Smollett hoax, the Democrats are needing to dig up some new dirt, and quick.

#2 Justice Department policy is that reports that don’t lead to charges being filed are normally not made public. 

Boom. Did you catch that?

As reported by USA Today:

Stephanopoulos pointed out that under Justice Department policy, the department normally does not release information in its investigations that don’t lead to criminal charges.

So what is Schiff to do? All he can do is come up with some reason why he could get what he wants:

But Schiff argued the department set a new “precedent” with commenting and releasing a slew of records in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

“This was a new precedent that they were setting and they were going to have to live by this precedent whether it was a Congress controlled by the Democrats or Republicans, so they’re going to have to abide by that,” Schiff said.

Oh yes, they’re going to have to abide by that.

I would venture to say that Republicans are just as excited to see the report as the Democrats are, as this report has obviously been a sham since the very beginning with no real evidence found or clues about what direction it was going.

From USA Today:

Last month, then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said the inquiry was “close to being completed.” It was the first time anyone familiar with its inner workings had offered even a hint in public of its likely trajectory. He did not elaborate.

New Attorney General William Barr told senators during his confirmation hearings that he would make public as much as possible about Mueller’s report. Several Democratic senators questioned why the entire report – other than confidential investigative material – wouldn’t be made public.

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Why wouldn’t it all be made public? This is still an excellent question, one that will likely be answered in the weeks to come.

Still, if Mueller’s report is not made public, after all of this time and money wasted, all the Democrats will have is a headline that THERE WAS SIMPLY NO COLLUSION.

After all of their bad press lately, that would simply be too devastating of a blow. This means that they will need SOMETHING. Some little tidbit, some little conversation… just something.

Give us ALL of the report so we can find something, or we’ll subpoena!  No, we’ll sue!

My, oh my, how the tables have turned. Stay tuned as there is more to come. Your opinion and comments are greatly appreciated. Leave them in the box below!

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