Democrats threaten to “KICK SOMEBODY’S ASS” after Republicans remove Anti-Cop painting…

The “loving” left strikes again

In an ironic move, Democrats are now threatening VIOLENCE against Republicans after they removed an Anti-Cop painting that was hung on Capitol Hill. I find it funny because violence is what these Democrats are protesting AGAINST, yet they’re using it to get their point across!

But they didn’t just throw out a random threat of violence, they flat out said that they would “KICK SOMEONES A**” if they removed it again.

Yes, really.

Full story from Fox News:

“The New Orleans Democrat who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus issued an expletive-laden threat to Republican lawmakers who continue to remove a painting depicting police officers as pigs from a Capitol Hill hallway, Politico reported.

Reacting to Rep. Doug Lamborn’s (R-Colo.) removal of the painting drawn by a then-high school freshman from Missouri, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) said “we may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them,” the next time it is removed.

Rep. W. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) hung the painting to commemorate his constituent, David Pulphus, who won an art competition sponsored by the Saint Louis Democrat.

Initially, it was removed by Rep. Duncan Hunter, Jr. (R-Calif.) and returned to Clay’s office.

Hunter, an Iraq War veteran, told Fox News on Tuesday that he was upset that Capitol Police, who patrol the hallway connecting House Office Buildings to the Capitol where the painting was hung, had to walk past it every day.”

Isn’t that nice? “Peaceful and loving” Democrats being anything but.

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