Democrats Needed To Get 2/3rd’s Majority To Impeach Trump. They Didn’t Get It

Though the Democrats successfully recaptured the House during the midterm elections this week, their devastating loss of additional seats in the Senate won’t bode well given their goal of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Why? Because while it takes a simple majority for the House to impeach a president, the Senate requires a two-thirds majority.

VOTE NOW: Will Democrats Try To Impeach Trump In The House?

And it just so happens that the Republicans now command a minimum of 51 seats and a potential maximum of 55 in the Senate, depending on the final results of the Tuesday election.

But this certainly doesn’t mean Democrats won’t try to impeach the president in an attempt to grandstand and appease their base, as noted by The Daily Signal:

“A Democratic majority will be beholden to their base and their donors that want Trump impeached,” Sam Nunberg, a former 2016 Trump campaign adviser, told The Daily Signal.

The demands of the party base will likely be enough to make the party move, said Gary Rose, chairman of the political science department at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

“It doesn’t matter the margin. A Democratic House majority will hear the drumbeat for impeachment,” Rose told The Daily Signal. “Treason and bribery are difficult to nail down, but ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ are wide open.”

VOTE NOW: Will Democrats Try To Impeach Trump In The House?

According to columnist Keith Koffler, the problem for Democrats is that impeachment proceedings would only galvanize Trump’s base.

“A good impeachment would be just the kind of freak show that would amplify the energy of an already energized conservative base as it watches the attempt to remove a president over political differences,” he opined for the Washington Examiner.

“President Bill Clinton was never more popular during his presidency than in 1998 as Republicans were busy impeaching him, and they had an actual reason (perjury) to do so.”

True. His approval rating skyrocketed to 73 percent at the time.

Another risk Democrats face is that their inability to impeach Trump — it’s virtually impossible because of the GOP’s control of the Senate — will anger their base.

“What happens when they actually have power and the base wants them to go further than they think is prudent? That doesn’t mean they will go too far, but there’s a clear tension,” notes The Washington Post.

Below are tweets from a few of the myriads of liberal Democrats on social media who have been calling for the president’s immediate impeachment:

It’s unclear how they’ll react when their congressional leaders fail to impeach Trump.

The final risk is that it’ll give the president a foil for his 2020 reelection campaign, as also noted by the Post:

“It’s one thing to campaign against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) by warning that she could become speaker; it’s another to do so if she is the Speaker. If Democrats win the House, Trump will have a ready-made foil for his 2020 reelection campaign, even if his Democratic opponent is not such a lightning rod.”

Add impeachment hearings to the mix, and some believe it’ll make it even easier for the president to blame all failures to push meaningful legislation on the Democrats.

VOTE NOW: Will Democrats Try To Impeach Trump In The House?