Dem Rep Tried Shaming Trump Donors, But He Made 1 Big, Embarrassing Mistake

The brother of a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate’s shameful doxxing of a list of donors to President Trump has backfired in a big way.

Rep. Joaquin Castro who is the twin sibling of bottom-feeding demagogue Julian Castro outed the president’s supporters who resided in his district but in the process, he made one embarrassing mistake.

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The people who he doxxed included one of his own donors – whoops!

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Via Fox News, “Joaquin Castro outed his own donors in bid to shame Trump supporters”:

Trump donors whose names and employers were posted in a highly controversial tweet by Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro blasted the Texas congressman on Wednesday for what they described as a “ridiculous” stunt and, in interviews with Fox News, rejected his claim that they are “fueling a campaign of hate” against Hispanics.

One of those Trump donors even revealed he’s also been a supporter of local Democratic lawmakers—including Castro himself.

Wayne Harwell, the owner of a local real estate development company whose name appeared on the list Castro shared on Monday night, told Fox News in a phone interview that he donated money to Castro’s congressional campaign. But he suggested that after Castro outed him in a bid to shame Trump supporters, he won’t be supporting Castro anymore.

“I was also on a list of people that gave to Castro and if he dislikes me enough that he wants to put my name out there against Trump, I’m not going to give money to him,” Harwell told Fox News. “Obviously Castro feels pretty strongly against me.”

According to Federal Election Commission records, Harwell donated $1,000 to Castro’s campaign in September 2011.

“I’m pretty independent, but I support Trump,” Harwell explained.

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It doesn’t look like Castro will be getting any more money from this particular donor and perhaps his conduct will result in his OWN donors into keeping their checkbooks closed because hey, they may be the next ones to be doxxed.

The list included a number of retirees with the message that bullying senior citizens is now being sanctioned by Democrat members of Congress.

Trump skewered Castro on Twitter and didn’t spare his candidate brother who despite favorability ratings that rank right down there with foot fungus, is kept on the debate stages because he can be counted on to reliably spew racially incendiary smears.

According to the POTUS:

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Not suspecting that there would be any blowback for his despicable doxxing of donors, Rep. Castro quickly found a sympathetic cable host in “Morning Joe” Scarborough to not only deny that he doxxed anybody, but to double down on his deceptive race-baiting.

Doxxing has become a vile but common tactic of the left which no longer even bothers to engage in debate but rather to destroy critics and put their lives in danger of hate mobs like the one that showed up outside Mitch McConnell’s home the other day.

Just imagine the outrage if top liberals were doxxed by sitting Republican members of Congress or the houses of Senate Democrats were encircled by people calling for their murders – there would be no end to the outrage.

It not only should be considered a federal crime to doxx somebody but also it should be referred to as what it is which is cyber-terrorism. Its long overdue for legal action to be taken against doxxers who should be thrown into prison where they belong.

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