Dem Mayor Hit With Multiple Felonies After Despicable Attack On Police

Another day, another Democrat with legal and ethical issues and this isn’t going to end well for the mayor of an Indiana city.

Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer is facing multiple felony counts stemming from a battle with his own police department and a drug arrest involving his stepson.

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Things snowballed for Mayor Meer after the October incident when the 33-year-old was busted for possession of cocaine and heroin as well as the illegal possession of a firearm during a traffic stop.

Rather than remain above the fray and let the legal process play out, Meer went on the attack against police with claims that the arrest was politically motivated to sink his reelection bid.

After bullying police officials over the incident, Mayor Meer was slammed with five counts of intimidation, two counts of false informing and one count of official misconduct in what is a major scandal for the smallish lakefront community.

All hell broke loose after the police chief and two assistants resigned and blew the whistle on Meer after he was ordered to pull out of the county’s drug task force.

According to Law & Crime, “Dem Mayor Faces Charges Amid Clash with Police Chief and Prosecutor”:

Ron Meer, the Democratic mayor of Michigan City, Indiana, now faces a criminal case. He is charged with intimidation, official misconduct, and false informing “resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement,” according to WDNU.

Pretty awkward timing, as there’s an election set for Tuesday.

The situation up in Michigan City is messy, even by the standards of politics. Meer figuratively butted heads with law enforcement after his stepson Adam Bray was arrested during an October 10 traffic stop for allegedly possessing heroine and cocaine.

The defendant was also accused of illegally owning a gun because he was prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a felony cocaine conviction, according to The South Bend Tribune.

Meer made allegations that the drug case was politically motivated, and intentionally set to occur before the election. He had supported the incumbent in the Democratic primary last year instead of current LaPorte County Prosecutor John Lake.

None of this bodes well for Meer’s future as mayor – the election is today.

Even if he is able to win the vote, it is unlikely that Mayor Meer will be able to survive as public pressure mounts over yet another crooked Democrat. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship