ALL IN: Dem Congresswoman Joins Caravan, Aided Migrants To Enter U.S.

Over the past few months, the political left have been mainly focused on the thousands of Latin American migrants who are making their way towards the US-Mexico border,

Many Democrats like the rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have flown to the defense of the “refugees” who are little more than pawns in a scheme to force a confrontation with President Trump when they arrive at the border.

The 29-year-old human gaffe machine recently called for 5,000 caseworkers to be sent to the border to aid in the processing of the future Democrat voters migrants but she has nothing on Pramila Jayapal.

The Washington Democrat actually went to the drastic length of actually joining the migrant caravan and then in a move that will have her canonized by many, assisted five migrants to gain entry to the United States.

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Via The Washington Free Beacon, “Dem Congresswoman Joins Migrant Caravan for Border Crossing, Helps Five Asylum Seekers Enter U.S.”:

Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (Wash.) joined the migrant caravan on Saturday in their attempt to cross the border, condemning President Donald Trump for “creating the crisis.” She said she was able to help five asylum seekers gain access to the United States.

“I was able to successfully assist 5 asylum seekers – 2 unaccompanied minors, a mother and her 9-year-old child, and a young man with a serious medical condition – into the United States,” she wrote in a tweet.

The five people she assisted were initially denied entry.

“Initially they were denied, in violation of U.S. and international law, but I was able to intervene and ensure that they could simply present themselves for asylum in the United States,” she said in a followup tweet.

Before she went to the border, Jayapal blasted Trump for “lying” about the caravan and creating a crisis for his own political benefit.

“The president is lying about this caravan, he’s fear mongering,” Jayapal said. “He’s trying to use people who are seeking asylum and literally running from death just for his own political benefit and that’s a disgrace. He is creating a crisis at the border.”

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Get used to hearing about Jayapal, she was just elevated to co-chair of the far-left House Progressive Caucus and this stunt is only the beginning.

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