DELUSIONAL: MSNBC Whack Job ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough Compares AG Barr To Putin

Democrat propaganda network MSNBC isn’t about to let something as trivial as Robert Mueller’s debunking of the collusion delusion interfere with their conspiracy-mongering about President Trump and Russia.

Even as the egg was still dripping from the faces of stunned partisan media hacks after St. Mueller’s bombshell report turned out to be a dud, MSNBC which has become the channel of choice for bitter tinfoil hatters still pissed off over the 2016 election doubled-down on their lies and sinister innuendo.

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Conspiracy queen Rachel Maddow’s ratings may have taken a major hit in the aftermath of Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Mueller’s findings but she quickly regrouped and continued pushing her whacko fairy tales to what remained of her audience.

The rest of the network’s employees also got the memo including the narcissistic bobbleheads on “Morning Joe” which gives junkies an early hit to satisfy their Jones for Trump hatred served up loosely scrambled with a screwdriver on the side.

The show’s host Joe Scarborough who before he became a Deep State TV shill was most famous for being the only congressman to have had a dead intern found in his office, hit the ground running with the coordinated smear campaign that has now been deployed to tarnish and demonize Barr for doing his job.

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Barr’s statement that anti-Trump forces aligned with the Obama regime indeed conducted spying on an opposition political campaign and his vow to fully investigate the abuse of anti-terrorist surveillance systems for their own nefarious means triggered Democrats and Scarborough played his customary role as attack dog.

In the eyes of “Morning Joe” and adoring bobblehead spouse Mika Brzezinski, Barr is now the equivalent of Vladimir Putin for daring to call out dirty intelligence community officials for acting like the KGB.

Via Mediaite, “Joe Scarborough Hits AG Barr: He’s Attacking U.S. Intelligence The Way Putin Would”:

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough went in on Attorney General William Barr on Thursday for the comments he made during his Senate hearing.

Barr said, and then later clarified, on believing if the Department of Justice spied on candidate-Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“The attorney general of America shamed himself yesterday by throwing out a Roy Cohn-type charge. Of course unlike Roy Cohn, by the end of the hearing, he backed off of that,” Scarborough said. “But in case you don’t know what’s going on at home and in case you’re trying to figure out why Donald Trump would say, after Barr’s letter came out, that Robert Mueller ran an honorable investigation, said he’s basically an honorable man and now he’s freaking out, he’s melting down, he’s seeing the report part. He knows what’s in the report.”

Watch it HERE.

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According to Scarborough:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Do you think he’s seen it and he’s acting differently now?

SCARBOROUGH: You’re gonna look really dumb now, because the president of the United States, that should give — I’d love to play poker against this guy because he’s got the worst poker face in the history of American politics. Claire McCaskill, I go back and I think about all the of people gloating after you had Barr basically again playing Roy Cohn, something I haven’t seen for weeks now, Trump got his Roy Cohn. Trump said he wanted Roy Cohn, he got a respected name that a lot of respected people vouched for and now he’s being Roy Cohn, shaming himself yesterday by attacking FISA judges and attacking the FBI, and attacking law enforcement officers in the United States of America every bit as much Vladimir Putin would and he’s running interference as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

It shouldn’t be lost that MSNBC has become a de facto arm of the Deep State and offers a forum for such figures as Obama’s former CIA director John Brennan who is likely implicated in the spying on Trump.

There is a word for this and it is propaganda.