Maxine Waters Has ANOTHER Meltdown; Claims Failing To Impeach Trump Will ‘Imperil Nation’

Rep. Maxine Waters went berserk on Thursday night and claimed that failing to impeach President Donald Trump after the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report would “imperil the nation.”

In a lengthy statement, the California Democrat argues that Congress must impeach Trump because Mueller’s report “describes Trump’s repeated efforts to fire Mueller, remove former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and even tamper with witnesses by dangling pardons.”

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“I am very troubled by what has already been revealed by the report,” Waters said, adding that Mueller’s report “outlines ten instances during which Trump may have obstructed justice but left it to Congress to follow-up on those investigations and legal conclusions.”

“At this point, Congress’ failure to impeach is complacency in the face of the erosion of our democracy and constitutional norms. Congress’ failure to impeach would set a dangerous precedent and imperil the nation as it would vest too much power in the Executive Branch and embolden future officeholders to further debase the U.S. presidency, if that’s even possible,” she added.

Waters then demanded that “puppet master” Attorney General William Barr also be removed.

“The fix was in when Barr was confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate. This was a spin job by an Attorney General acting as a sycophant to the President rather than carrying out his duties as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer,” Waters said.

She added: “Barr today again misrepresented Mueller’s findings and manufactured conclusions that were not reflected in the full report. I never had any confidence in Barr, but two things are clear after his press conference: Mueller must testify before Congress and Barr must be cast out of government along with this President and his accomplices.”

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“Barr is shielding him from transparency, insulating him from accountability, and protecting him from the consequences of his conduct,” Waters continued. “The report reveals that Barr has distorted the facts and lied for the President, which makes him complicit.”

Below is her full statement, which is packed with anti-Trump rhetoric:

Despite Waters’ delusional and insane rant, Barr made it clear that Mueller found no evidence that Trump, his campaign, or any American colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Barr also stated that Mueller left it up to the Department of Justice to determine if the president obstructed justice.

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The attorney general said he consulted with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and they both determined there was no evidence to charge Trump with obstructing justice in the Russia probe.


The attorney general also made it clear that the White House offered “unfettered access,” “no redactions,” and “didn’t exert any executive privilege, which would be within their rights.”

This means that Trump and the White House provided Mueller’s team with essentially all of the records and documents they requested.

The president has been completely vindicated after the two-year Russia witch hunt — but Maxine will apparently never give up.

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