Deja Vu: Another Democrat Front-Runner Denies Having Potentially Serious Health Issues

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is facing questions about his health and whether his sporadic campaign schedule is a sign that the septuagenarian Beltway insider has what it takes to make it through what promises to be a grueling battle for the nomination.

When Biden missed both the trip out west for the California Democratic party convention as well as Sunday’s big party shindig in Cedar Rapids, Iowa some are beginning to speculate that there may be more afoot than simply low energy from the old codger.

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Easily spooked Democrats likely remember that Hillary Clinton’s health was also an issue.

And despite her blaming it all on Russia, a very real one with the doomed candidate repeatedly wracked with serious coughing fits and in a shocking incident, nearly eating the pavement during a 9/11 memorial ceremony less than two months before the election.


Mrs. Clinton’s collapse in Midtown Manhattan set off panic alarms and while she was later bullied into walking it back, then-DNC head Donna Brazile considered replacing Hillary with none other than “lunchpail” Joe.

A bombshell revelation that was made in her 2017 tell-all memoir Hacks in which she also described Team Clinton’s refusal to come clean about Hillary’s health as “shameful” which it was.

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Ironically, it is now Biden who is five years older than Hillary who now has to deal with the rumors that while the lying leftist media is blaming on Fox News, very possibly had roots in either the Bernie Sanders network or another of the wannabes who are gunning for old Foghorn Leghorn who with much assistance from the press, has shot to the top of polls ever since he entered the race in April.

According to the far-left Daily Beast – a smear and lie factory with few peers — legitimate questions about Biden’s health (he would be 77 when sworn in) are out of bounds and in a preemptive strike before the calls for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube bans of skeptics begin, the website whose parent company has a board member that goes by the name of Chelsea Clinton attacked.

Via The Daily Beast:

Since the end of May, Fox Business Network and Fox News star Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery and Fox News prime-time host Sean Hannity have speculated on-air, on at least four separate occasions, that the current Democratic presidential frontrunner is secretly dealing with health issues, often comparing his condition to illness-related conspiracy theories the network pushed about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

The Biden rumor-mongering seemingly began May 29, during the broadcast of Fox News’ afternoon gabfest The Five. While assessing Biden’s candidacy, Kennedy claimed to know Democratic operatives engaged in a whisper campaign about Biden’s health.

“He is much more like Hillary Clinton, because if you talk to Democrats, who are working for different campaigns, all of the aggressive gossip whisperers—and this is where the action is happening in terms of opposition research—it’s people having a few drinks at a bar and whispering, ‘You know there is something wrong with the former vice president,’” she claimed. “But that’s what they are actively doing right now. And it is surprising because they are concerned with taking Biden down and getting their candidate out there.” – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!

Such tactics have the fingerprints of Bernie-bots all over them but God forbid that the Daily Beast ever engage in such journalistic tactics of trying to chase down sources and engage in good old fashioned honest muckraking but such is the way that it is with propaganda mills overflowing with partisan hacks.

Questions about Floppy Joe’s health clearly hit a nerve because his floundering campaign struck back hard.

Oh, the irony of it all! Not only is the man who was nearly subbed out for hacking Hillary having to deal with his own health questions but the same media that is defending him has never hesitated to spread lies and offer up fake diagnoses about the physical and mental health of President Trump.

Incidentally, Trump had a few things to say about Biden’s state but focused on insightful criticisms like he is a flip-flopper who is mentally weak and a dummy too.

It’s not going to only be Trump either; pretty soon and as the scrum for the nomination takes a turn into ugliness, good old Joe’s own opponents will soon pick up the baton and start calling for him to produce his medical records – politics is war and Biden’s fellow contestants will do anything to sink his battleship.

Stock up on popcorn!

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