CRISIS: New Caravan Is Headed Towards U.S.; The Size Of It Will Make You Want The Wall EVEN MORE

The border crisis is reaching a breaking point and the Democrats are refusing to address the growing emergency on our southern border.

Another caravan with an estimated 1,000 migrants is on its way from Honduras with plans to make their way up to our southern border where they will then illegally cross into America and claim asylum.

Early reports indicate that it could pick up several thousand more migrants if it actually reaches the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Check out what the Gateway Pundit reported:

The caravans are full of military-aged males from all over the world — we have no idea who is embedded in the caravans — dangerous Islamic terrorists and MS-13 gang members are known to be traveling with Hondurans headed to the US.

Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch said that in his sector alone, border agents have captured people trying to enter the country illegally from more than 50 different countries, including Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Egypt and Romania. “People are traveling across hemispheres to attempt to illegally enter the U.S., using the same pathways as the Central Americans,” he told lawmakers.

This growing crisis on the border is being completely ignored by the Democrats and the far Left media who are trying to make it seem that there is no problem with thousands of unknown individuals coming into our country illegally.

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There has been a recent surge of illegal immigrants crossing our borders and it is reaching a breaking point according to Customs and Border Protection.

Check out what Fox News reported:

Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch noted that Border Patrol has apprehended more families illegally crossing the border in the first five months of fiscal 2019 than during all of fiscal 2018. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended more than 76,000 migrants across the border in February and said it was on track to apprehend more than 100,000 in March. In the Rio Grande Valley alone, Karisch said that at current pace, they would have more than 260,000 apprehensions in his sector by the end of fiscal 2019. There were 162,000 in RGV last year. He also said that his agents apprehend, on average, 1,000 people a day.”

Anyone claiming that the situation on the border is not a National Emergency, clearly hasn’t been paying attention to recent statistics.

“Border officials encountered an estimated 100,000 migrants in March, with families making up the bulk of that, according to preliminary figures. The tally suggests border traffic could return to the higher levels of the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.”

It seems that the only person in Washington who is concerned about the growing crisis is President Trump.

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Last week, he slammed the Democrats, specifically the Washington Post, about their lack of action to acknowledge the border crisis.

“The Crazed and Dishonest Washington Post again purposely got it wrong. Mexico, for the first time in decades, is meaningfully apprehending illegals at THEIR Southern Border, before the long march up to the U.S. This is great and the way it should be. The big flow will stop.

However, if for any reason Mexico stops apprehending and bringing the illegals back to where they came from, the U.S. will be forced to Tariff at 25% all cars made in Mexico and shipped over the Border to us. If that doesn’t work, which it will, I will close the Border. This will supersede USMCA.

Likewise I am looking at an economic penalty for the 500 Billion Dollars in illegal DRUGS that are shipped and smuggled through Mexico and across our Southern Border. Over 100,000 Americans die each year, sooo many families destroyed!”

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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