CRINGEWORTHY: AOC Turns Into Stuttering Mess When Trying To Excite Crowd With Far-Left Ideas

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned into a stuttering and bumbling mess on Monday night when trying to excite a crowd with her far-left ideas.

During an event alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders to rally support for her Green New Deal, the crowd was less than enthused when Ocasio-Cortez tried her hardest to push her climate change doomsday predictions.

“We cannot accept anything less than a path to save ourselves, which this is,” she shouted, with almost no one in the audience clapping. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Ocasio-Cortez tried a second time to fire everyone up, but again failed.

“They say calling for a Green New Deal is ‘too much.’ Let me tell you what’s too much for me. What’s too much for me is politicians looking and allowing babies’ blood to get poisoned in Flint, Mich. for corporate profits. What’s too much for for me, is coal barons coming up to Washington, D.C. and demanding bailout after tax breaks after bailout [for] themselves and then not even paying their own miners’ pensions.”

The room remained almost dead silent, with just a few people actually applauding.

AOC had a very hard time exciting the crowd with her socialist legislation and far-left ideas.


Ocasio-Cortez’s speech falling flat comes after her Green New Deal bombed in the Senate.

In April, the Senate voted 0-57 to reject the Green New Deal — meaning not a single senator voted “yes” on it.

Zero senators voted “yea,” with 57 voting “nay” and 43 Democrats voting “present.”

Four Democrats —  Sens. Doug Jones of Alabama, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Angus King, I-Maine — joined all 53 Republicans in voting against the socialist measure.

The Green New Deal has also been heavily criticized for how much it will cost taxpayers.

One study found that the price tag for socialist measure would be around $7 trillion.

VOTER POLL: Do you oppose AOC’s Green New Deal?

However, a second study found that the estimated $7 trillion projected cost is painfully low, and that it could actually cost nearly $50 trillion, which would be roughly seven — SEVEN — times more than that.

A third study found that it would actually cost around $93 trillion over the next decade.

Her plan also calls for a guarantee that every American will “get” a job, pledging to “provide all members of our society, across all regions and all communities, the opportunity, training and education to be a full and equal participant in the transition, including through a job guarantee program to assure a living wage job to every person who wants one.”

All that “free” stuff Ocasio-Cortez keeps promising sure is expensive, and experts argue it will literally end all of civilization if implemented and destroy the country.

The Democratic Party has become so radical that even former President Barack Obama is warning Ocasio-Cortez and others to tone it back and stop being so divisive.

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