Court Docs Expose Kamala Harris; ONE Donation Could Ruin 2020 Chances

The presidential hopes of Senator Kamala Harris could be in serious jeopardy thanks to a shocking revelation on who she once accepted campaign cash from.

According to a smoking bombshell of a story reported by Fox News, the top tier Democrat who has frequently attacked President Trump with such smears as vile, racist and predator once banked a campaign contribution from none other than…..


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Fox researchers dug through court records and discovered that back in 2011, her reelection campaign as California attorney general accepted $5,000 from Trump in a nasty detail that will certainly be seized on by her opponents for the 2020 nomination.

The evidence of the donation was contained in documents related to a 2013 ethics compliant that Trump filed against disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who resigned after lurid details of his sex life were exposed by women who alleged that he was abusive to them while in the sack.

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The donation is a potential landmine for the ambitious Harris who has based her entire campaign on race-baiting only to have once taken money from a man who her party has accused of being a white supremacist.

Via Fox News, “Court files shed light on Kamala’s awkward donation from Donald Trump”:

Sen. Kamala Harris has a long record of political stances from her prosecutor days that don’t quite square with her current national profile as a liberal champion — but one of the most awkward items from her past may be her acceptance of a $5,000 donation from Donald Trump nearly a decade ago.

Now, court records reviewed by Fox News have provided additional details about the circumstances surrounding the contribution from the man she wants to unseat in 2020 and whose policies she now calls “vile.”

According to sworn affidavits signed by Trump and his daughter Ivanka, disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was behind the hefty contribution to Harris’ re-election campaign for California attorney general.

The affidavit was part of an ethics complaint against Schneiderman filed on Dec. 2, 2013, by Trump, who claimed the top prosecutor had given him the impression that his investigation into Trump University was over when it was not.

Addional details per The Washington Examiner that the $5,000 was not the only donation from Trump and his family:

The $5,000 donation was one of several the Trumps made to Harris’ reelection campaign for California attorney general. The president also donated $1,000 to her in 2013, and Ivanka Trump contributed $2,000 in 2014.

Harris is now vying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination to face off against Trump in the general election.

A Harris spokesman told the Sacramento Bee in March that the candidate had donated the $6,000 from Trump to a nonprofit group that helps Central Americans in 2015. It remains unclear if she also returned the $2,000 from Ivanka Trump.

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Harris had been riding high and rapidly gaining support after the brutal ambush that she sprung against sleepy Joe Biden during the first Democrat debate where she all but accused Obama’s former vice president of being – you guessed it – a racist.

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But three days ago in Detroit, she was shredded by a lesser candidate in Rep. Tulsi Gabbard who pulled off her own ambush by attacking Harris where she is weakest- her record as California’s top cop.

Unable to respond to Gabbard’s onslaught, Harris quickly fell back into the standard defense of accusing her of being a Russian stooge but the damage was already done and don’t think for one second that the other contenders won’t go after her on her hypocrisy and cruelty.

Adding to her woes is the check from Trump which won’t stop her from accusing the president of being a racist but is going to be a lethal weapon if she makes it out of the qualifying round and onto a debate stage with her famous donor.

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