In order to maintain complete and total transparency with our readers and the public, we have dedicated this page to outline any errors our writers have made in their articles. We all make mistakes, but we here at pledge to make it right and admit where we may have gotten it wrong.

As a way of showing our dedication to accurate reporting in all of our content, rolled out a brand new Corrections process as of August 28th, 2018. Any and all corrections should be brought to the attention of Clayton Keirns, the head of content and website editor. (For correction reviews, email him at [email protected]). This email is checked daily and all submissions will be reviewed.

Upon review, Clayton will put a disclaimer at the top of the corrected post outlining what was corrected and when the change was made. The correction will be made in bold red letters with a link to our Corrections page.

Our Correction Process

When a correction is made on a story, the editor’s duty is to alert the team of writers as well as our social media team. If the post is editable on Social Media, our team will go and “Edit” the post to mark the correction. If the social media platform doesn’t allow us to make edits on posts, we will take it down and repost it.

Corrections should always be clear, concise, and easy-to-understand for the end user. The correction will also link to a source when necessary, so that the reader has an understanding of why the correction was made.

If we have sent out incorrect information in an email or messenger alert, our team should send out an additional alert letting people know that the news reported in the earlier alert was wrong .

Example of Past Corrections and Take-Downs:

August 15th, 2018:

On August 15th, 2018, one of our headlines read “NEW LOW: Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats To Lie To Voters If They Have To; ‘Just Win Baby’”.

This headline should not been allowed to run. Here was her actual quote:

“Now, I do believe that none of us is indispensable, but I think I’m the best person for the job and I won’t let the Republican ads, which are just … flooding these districts, and I say to the candidates ‘do whatever you have to do, just win baby.’”

In the article, one of the ILMF writers clarified her comments and admitted:

Of course, Pelosi, a career politician, did not outright tell House Democrats to lie. But she directly told them to “do whatever you have to do” in order to win elections, which many would agree entails lying to voters.

Even though the writer made this clarification, we should have not let the headline run and we should have not let the writer to make that leap from “Just win baby” to “lie if you have to”

October 24th, 2018:

Our site published a story about the National Guard being deployed to the border, but it was out of date and shouldn’t have been posted. We have taken that post down.