CONFIRMED: Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Spent $250 On Hair Salon Appointment

AOC has no problem doing everything she can to steal more money from the American taxpayer. She thinks it makes her look good.

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What’s funny is that the Democrat Socialist rookie lawmaker is completely comfortable spending $250 at the salon. Can her constituents do that?

Are they making $174,000 a year like her?

Would most people come anywhere close to earning $174,000 annually if taxes keep spiking?

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From New York Post:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who’s waged war against the wealthy with a 70 percent tax rate proposal — shelled out more than $250 on a recent trip to the hair salon, according to a new report.

The socialist darling dropped big bucks — $80 on a haircut and $180 for lowlights — last month at Last Tangle Salon in downtown Washington, DC, the Washington Times reported, citing sources.

The outlet noted that a 20 percent tip, or $52, would bring the total to just over $312, while suggesting she could’ve saved about $100 for a chop at the “government-subsidized” Capitol Hill barbershop.


A salon staffer said Ocasio-Cortez was nice and even snapped selfies with customers.

Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, said it was a bad look for the freshman congresswoman who represents parts of the Bronx and Queens.

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Unfortunately, Americans are likely to have to deal with AOC for many, many years to come.