College Students Throw Tantrum, Hold Sit-In Demanding Campus Officers Be Disarmed

When liberals don’t get their way, they whine until the government sticks a binky in their mouths.

More often than not, they wind up winning.

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At a college in Minnesota, students are now demanding campus cops be disarmed.

Because that makes sense, right?

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From College Fix:

A whopping eight University of Minnesota students held a sit-in at President Joan Gabel’s office on Friday to demand the disarmament of campus police.

They also demanded an “increase [in] the diversity of the student population,” for what it’s worth.

The protest by the Students for a Democratic Society kept alive the (former) issue from over a year ago, when almost double the number of Friday’s total demonstrated outside of UMPD headquarters.

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More from Daily Wire:

A UMPD spokesperson told the Daily that the department did not plan to disarm, as law enforcement must be ready for potential active shooters.

The Fix reported that the UM student government voted down a resolution to disarm the UMPD by nearly 400 votes last year.

The campaign to disarm campus police officers spread early last year. Students at the University of Chicago also wanted police officers disarmed, claiming through their protest signs “UofC kills.” In reality, there had only been one report of an officer firing their weapon in the past 30 years — and body cam footage proved it was self-defense. A student with a mental illness had charged the officer with a metal pole. The student was shot in the shoulder and charged with assault and property damage.

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