CNN’s Ana Navarro Goes BERSERK, Claims Trump Supporters Have ‘Lowered’ America’s Standards

CNN’s Ana Navarro went berserk on Monday night and disgustingly claimed that supporters of President Donald Trump have “lowered” America’s standards.

During an off-the-rails segment on CNN’s “Newsroom,” host Brooke Baldwin kicked off the segment by attacking Fox News hosts Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson over “controversial statements.”

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Pirro recently went after Rep. Ilhan Omar and questioned her allegiance to the U.S. Constitution following the lawmakers anti-Semitic comments.

Over the weekend, a far-left group called Media Matters dug up an interview from 2009, where Carlson was discussing a controversial case involving sexual assault.

Navarro said, “I suspect that you know, I’m not sure that I can even buy he’s a charming, funny guy in person. To me, it’s far more important what you’re like when you’re being viewed by millions of people. The same way you said the Constitutional conservatives have to think about what Pirro said.”

“Social values voters and Christian voters and pearl-clutchers and the people who have all the trouble when other people do crazy things, should also really question themselves and look at themselves in the mirror and say, ‘Why are we listening to this guy who we just heard on audio, you know, say some really vile things?’” Navarro disgustingly asked.

Navarro then took aim at President Trump and those who watch Fox News.

“Then again, Brooke, take a look at who the Fox viewers are. They listen to on audio, a Republican candidate, Republican nominee, saying some very vile things then still voted him in,” she said.

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“So I think the standards are different. I think the bars have been lowered. I think they don’t apologize because they don’t feel like they have to apologize,” she added.


Navarro, who claims she’s a Republican, has a long history of using foul language and making controversial remarks about the president.

Earlier this year, Navarro shouted, sighed, rolled her eyes, and filed her nails when a pro-Trump supporter described innocent Americans who were killed by illegal aliens.

During an off-the-walls segment on CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Navarro and Steve Cortes, a former Trump campaign adviser, slugged it out over the partial government shutdown and funding for the border wall.

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The segment heated up when Cortes suggested Navarro was on “the left” and not actually a Republican, which she claims to be.

“You just said that the president is demonizing immigrants, and this is another sort of sleight of hand that the left loves to try to put over on the American people. He has never demonized immigrants. He is against illegal aliens. He’s against breaking and entering into our country. He’s against a lawless border. He loves legal immigrants,” Cortes said.

Navarro spent most of the segment shouting and going nuts when Cortes tried to speak.

Watch below, with Navarro filing her nails at the 6:40 mark:

Prior to that, she became so enraged during a segment on CNN that she called Trump a “racist pig.”

Navarro previously mocked First Lady Melania Trump by claiming she suffers “oxygen deprivation to the brain,” called Trump a “c*nt” in Spanish, and said the president is “unfit to be human.”

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