CNN Reporter Goes Nuts, Claims Trump And His Supporters Pushing U.S. Towards Civil War

The anti-Trump resistance is in total panic mode over the failure of the Mueller witch hunt to reverse the results of the 2016 election and they are going bat guano crazy at CNN.

Having been hit with a staggering dose of reality that their propaganda has failed as polls are now showing the unthinkable that despite their years of 24/7 lies, that Trump is now approaching his highest approval ratings, some are practically ripping their hair out.

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One of those losing his composure and an already tenuous grip on reality is CNN regular Carl Bernstein or what remains of the once dashing young Washington Post reporter who along with fellow establishment lackey Bob Woodward, took down Richard M. Nixon.

On Sunday’s edition of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Bernstein popped off with the ridiculous claim that Trump and his supporters are “on the verge” of “igniting” a “civil war” in America.

Via Newsbusters, “Bernstein: Trump Igniting Cold Civil War, Journalists Must Explore Why So Many Support Trump”:

In the wake of President Trump’s well-received Fourth of July celebration and Sunday’s new ABC News/Washington Post poll showing his approval surging to record highs, CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein decried the President and his supporters for allegedly pushing the country towards a civil war.

Bernstein, a master of hyperbole that NewsBusters reporting can attest to, appeared on Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” where he, in all seriousness, suggested that “this cold civil war predates Donald Trump. And Donald Trump understood that we are in a cold civil war in this country. And he has exploited it and brought this cold civil war almost to the point of ignition through his actions and his words, which are unprecedented in terms of presidential conduct.”

“No president in the history of the United States in 246 years has expressed the kinds of ideas and thoughts and undemocratic notions and authoritarian notions that he has,” he continued to proclaim, a total falsehood (Presidents Woodrow Wilson (D) and FDR (D) come to mind).

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The pathetic 2019 incarnation of a man who was once played by a young Dustin Hoffman continues to pop up on the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” as a ghoulish persona who apparently looks to sip from the mythical Fountain Of Youth with his ongoing efforts to take down Trump as he did with Tricky Dick.

Like Baghdad Bob, Bernstein then parroted the official talking points that will be repeated endlessly until Saint “Bob” Muller descends from the heavens for the nationally televised spectacle of his congressional testimony next week.

Via The Hill, “Carl Bernstein knocks media coverage of Mueller report: ‘I think we’ve made a big mistake'”:

Investigative journalist Carl Bernstein is calling on the media to do a better job covering former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Speaking on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter on Sunday, Bernstein said the media is focused on the fighting over the report instead of its actual contents.

“I think we’ve made a big mistake in the press about how we’ve covered the Mueller report,” Bernstein said. “We’ve gotten totally wrapped up in the warfare in the Congress between Republicans and Democrats and is there obstruction of justice or is there not obstruction of justice.”

“There are dozens and dozens of leads in there about Trump’s business dealings, things having to do with women as well that we know about from elsewhere … about his business dealings, about oligarchs, about money laundering, about Ponzi schemes,” he said.

But the cadaverous septuagenarian’s ongoing failure to get some of that Watergate Viagra has revealed him as just another sad old man who is losing his marbles while living in the past.

With all joking aside, if Carl Bernstein’s family really cares about him, it’s time to gently intervene to get him off of CNN and into a facility where trained and caring mental health professionals can help him to manage his obvious senility.

With the way that they continue to trot out this deranged old fool, there may be a legitimate case against CNN for abusing the elderly.

Anybody who takes Bernstein seriously over four decades after Watergate is as crazy as he is and should consider getting help.

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