CNN Political Commentator Goes FULL Racist, Shouts: President Trump Is A ‘White Nationalist’

Despite constantly condemning white nationalists, President Trump is still referred to by many on the left as a …wait for it… white nationalist.

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CNN political commentator Symone Sanders drove that point home.

Check it out…

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From Free Beacon:

Friday on CNN’s “The Lead,” network political commentator Symone Sanders reacted to President Donald Trump’s statements on white nationalism one day after the mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques that left 49 dead.

When asked if white nationalism is a rising threat, Trump said, “I don’t, really. It’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. I guess, if you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s a case.”


She added, “I believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist. I believe he has allied himself with white supremacist ideology for the very reason, given the policies he has advocated for. He said, just in the remarks in Oval Office, that invaders are coming, these criminals. He is other people, and that type of language is dangerous.”

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90 million Americans pay for CNN. However, almost none of those people are actually watching the cable news network.

According to the far-left outlet’s own fact sheet, CNN is currently available in 90 million households. This means 90 million people pay money to CNN every month even though fewer than one million on average actually watch CNN.

The game is rigged, folks. And it is especially rigged against those normal Americans who on a daily basis are bullied, taunted, discriminated against, demonized, threatened, and menaced by CNN.


It is called a carriage fee, and every month you subsidize this hate network to the tune of about $1.00 a month, or around $12.00 a year.

That means the welfare queens at CNN snatch about $90 million a month just because the game is rigged to force you to pay for a propaganda outlet that encourages and legitimizes violence, a hate network that runs one blacklisting campaign after another to de-platform conservatives or anyone who challenges that establishment.

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The liberal news network was recently hit with a $275 million fine.

From Daily Wire:

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Lawyers for Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann filed a $275 million lawsuit against CNN on Tuesday for smearing Sandmann earlier this year.

Fox News reported that the lawsuit was “filed just after 3 p.m. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky,” and claimed “that CNN ‘elevated false, heinous accusations of racist conduct” against Sandmann and failed to adhere to “well-established journalistic standards and ethics.'”


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The bottom line is that CNN needs, nay, must do better.

The nonsense and hatred that emanates from the network toward Trump and workaday Republicans is beyond the pale – even for them.

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Enough is enough!

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