CNN Analyst Doesn’t Want Another White Man For President, Lists His Top 10 Potential 2020 Dems

Warming up to the 2020 election should be easy if you’re not a white man, because this CNN analyst has no desire for a white male president and he doesn’t think Democrats should vote for one either.

While Joe Biden leads almost every poll in who will most likely be the Democrat’s top choice to run for president against Donald Trump, it was analyst Harry Enten who chimed in that signing up another white male is not the best idea for Democrats in 2020.

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Identity politics and anti-white chatter seem to be popular in 2018, but that likely lead to many voters reaching for the Donald Trump lever back in 2016 when people were becoming tired of the political correctness that was being pushed upon Americans by liberalism.

Enten ran through a list of possible candidates for Democrats and his top ranked was Kamala Harris.

Enten only talked about his top ten, but realistically, the top three of most lists are the only people with a chance.

Not wanting a white male president sounds a bit racist and sexist. What if a white male has a great history in politics and would make a great president? Are they automatically disqualified for Enten?

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The transcript of Enten’s countdown on CNN is below, by Daily Wire.

ENTEN: Now, at number 10, Kirsten Gillibrand. She’s obviously the junior senator from the state of New York. She has a number of things going for her. She has the large New York media market. She has the most anti-Trump record of any United States senator. She’s a woman. And, keep in mind that women won in record numbers in 2018 Democratic primaries.

Keep on moving. We’ll talk about a man who’s in the race, Julian Castro, who comes in at number nine. Look, he’s the first in, so we know he’s running, so that is a reason to have him on the list if nothing else.

ENTEN: Sherrod Brown, who’s the senior senator from the state of Ohio. Look, if you want to win in the Midwest, there may not be a better man than this guy. When all the Democrats were losing statewide this year in Ohio, he won by 7 percentage points. This is a state Donald Trump ran away with in 2016.

Amy Klobuchar, number seven. She’s dipped a little bit. Again, we’ll get into a little bit why other people have risen recently. But another Midwestern senator. She won by 24 percentage points in 2018. She wins easily in the Midwest. But that said, a little bit boring perhaps. And, more than that, she doesn’t have that progressive of a record.

Number six, Bernie Sanders. Same ranking as we had. Look, he’d gotten over 40 percent of the Democratic primary vote in 2016. He has a base within the party. He has the infrastructure in place. That being said, a very old guy.

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ENTEN: Number five, Elizabeth Warren, who has dipped in our rankings, but is still in the top five. Look, I think she’s had a rough few months here with the DNA test that didn’t exactly go the way I think she thought it would. She was going up against Donald Trump and it seemed like she lost that battle.

Number four, Cory Booker. Cory Booker, I mean, if you’ve been following politics for a while, right, Cory Booker is someone — a name that you’ve known, the former mayor of Newark. His detractors perhaps would call him a dreaded neo-liberal. That’s a word, you know, and they put in quotes and it’s big and scary.

Joe Biden, number three. Look, he’s led in all of these polls. He’s led in all of them. But, again — and he’s also the vice — former vice president to the most popular politician in the Democratic Party, but another old white man.

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BERMAN: And leading in the polls has a lot to do with name recognition. Which brings us — don’t give it away yet — the top two. And this is where it gets really interesting.

ENTEN: This is where it gets really interesting. Beto O’Rourke, who was at number 10, has come all the way up to number two. I think he’s the biggest name, the biggest jump on our list. What’s going on with Beto O’Rourke? Look, they had a poll, straw poll, that said, you know, progressives, people throughout this country, he came in at number one. Nearly $80 million in his Texas Senate race.

ENTEN: Kamala Harris remains our number one. Look, she’s in California. She has the big media market. She had — she could appeal to African- American voters. She has a very progressive record. And she sort of checks off two boxes, African-Americans and women who were nominated in record numbers in 2020.

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