Clinton’s Explosive Outrage to FBI Signals She’s WORRIED What Investigators Found

Weekly Standard editor and ABC News said Hillary Clinton’s explosive outrage to FBI announcement last Friday signals that she is worried what the investigators have found.


Hillary Clinton‘s reaction to the FBI’s reopening of her email case could mean she’s worried about what they’ve found, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told Newsmax TV.

Kristol appeared on Monday’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” and said Clinton missed an opportunity to throw some water on the fire last Friday before it spread. Citing new evidence, FBI director James Comey said he is taking another look at her case.

“What if Hillary Clinton had put out a statement on Friday that said, ‘You know what, I have high regard for FBI Director Comey?'” Kristol asked of the Democratic presidential nominee. “‘I was not aware that there might be these emails from my assistant on a separate computer that he has taken. I’m confident as I’ve always been that I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve already apologized for the server. I wish the FBI director well as he completes his investigation.'”

“What if she had said that?” Kristol added. “It seems like a much smarter thing to say than to go on the offensive against an FBI director they were praising through the skies four months ago. Either they just always go on the offensive, the Clintons … or they could be really, really, really worried about what’s in there.”

Kristol, an ABC News contributor, told Malzberg the polls in the presidential election were already tipping toward Republican Donald Trump because of Obamacare premium increases.

“I think that was a real reminder to people of how bad big government liberal policies are followed by the Comey announcement, which just reminds every one of the Clinton world, Hillary world, the whole insanity,” Kristol said. “And then Anthony Weiner is like popping up in a bad novel.”



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