Christopher Steele Admits Using Posts By ‘Random Individuals’ From CNN To Back Up Trump Dossier

Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who wrote the Trump Russia Dossier admitted that he used and relied on an unverified report from CNN’s website to help write the dossier. The dossier was then used by the FBI to start the investigation into the Trump campaign.

Earlier this week, transcripts were released that show that Steele admitted to using an unverified 2009 iReport on CNN’s website. An iReport is where any member of the public can go onto CNN’s site and report information. Steele claims that he had no clue that the CNN report he used was unverified and posted by a random person.

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CNN described this iReport section of their website by saying, “ is a user-generated site. That means the stories submitted by users are not edited, fact-checked, or screened before they post.”

Check out what the Washington Examiner reported:

In the dossier, Steele, a Cambridge-educated former MI6 officer, wrote about extensive allegations against Donald Trump, associates of his campaign, various Russians and other foreign nationals, and a variety of companies — including one called Webzilla. Those allegations would become part of an FBI investigation and would be used to apply for warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

During his deposition, Steele was pressed on the methods he used to verify allegations made about Webzilla, which was thought to be used by Russia to hack into Democratic emails.

Steele was asked about anything relating to the allegations made relating to Webzilla which he responded by saying, “We did. It was an article I have got here which was posted on July 28, 2009, on something called CNN iReport.”

It appeared that Steele had no clue how the iReport website worked.”I do not have any particular knowledge of that.” Steele said.

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He was then asked if he understood that content generated on the iReport site was not created by CNN reporters, which he responded by saying, “I do not.” He was then asked: “Do you understand that they have no connection to any CNN reporters?” Steele replied, “I do not.”

The questioning continued: “Do you understand that CNN iReports are or were nothing more than any random individuals’ assertions on the Internet?” Steele replied: “No, I obviously presume that if it is on a CNN site that it may has some kind of CNN status. Albeit that it may be an independent person posting on the site.”

Steele was then asked about the process by which he searched for an obtained the information. The ex-British spy described it as “what we could call an open source search,” which he defined as “where you go into the Internet and you access material that is available on the Internet that is of relevance or reference to the issue at hand or the person under consideration.”

Steele even admitted that the unverified dossier contained “raw intelligence” which means the evidence that was collected could be totally false or misleading.

It’s appalling that the Russia investigation was started by this fake and phony dossier and to think that parts of the dossier were written based off of CNN’s iReport website which is created by everyday members of the public is extremely concerning.

It’s time to end the Witch Hunt once and for all!

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