CHILLING VIDEO: Crowd Sings Hymns Together As They Tragically Watch Notre Dame Burn

After the news that the beloved cathedral of Paris was on fire, crowds gathered to watch as the flames continued to devour Notre Dame.

At first, it was reported that there was “complete silence” over the crowd.

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Although the scene was gut-wrenching to watch, something beautiful happened. Something almost like beauty from ashes. The crowd began to sing.

You can hear the pain and disbelief in their voices as the crowd sings a haunting French Ave Maria in the tweet below:

As the crowd continues to sing in reverence, time seems to stand still. But how long will the fire continue to burn?

That’s a hard question to answer, especially considering that they aren’t yet sure they can contain the blaze.

As reported by Express UK:

Paris fire chief Jean-Claude Gallet said earlier outside the cathedral that “we are not sure we are capable of stopping the spreading”.

He added: “If it collapses, you can imagine how important the damage will be.”

His teams earlier scrambled to save precious artwork and valuables trapped inside the burning building.

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If the cathedral does collapse, one can’t help but think of the enormous devastation.

In the tweet below you can see the enormity of the fire compared to the spray of water being used to slow the inferno:

It’s truly a heartbreaking scene.

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