This Is Why We Can’t Trust The Government To Keep Us Safe

Sadly, as everybody knows by now, 17 innocent people were slaughtered in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school last week.

What has ensued following that has been emotional social media banter, media narratives, hatred, attacks, and A LOT of debate.

Let’s lay out the facts and talk about a serious issue that has arisen; why the government is failing to keep us safe.

Over the course of the last year, our media has been fixated on the premise Donald Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Since then, multiple scandals have rocked the FBI and multiple high-level agents like James Comey and Andrew McCabe have been dismissed or abruptly step down.

Millions of dollars and attention has been poured into the Mueller probe which has uncovered absolutely nothing that the investigation was supposed to do.

Now, let’s talk about the Florida shooting. The shooter, who I won’t name by name because the media seems obsessed with glorifying him and giving him attention, has always been a concern to students and parents.

He was expelled from school for his behavior and before that, not even allowed to carry a backpack there. The police were called to his house at least THIRTY-SIX times. The FBI was warned multiple times that he was a hostile threat and possessed weapons and ammunition.

In a transcript released to The New York Times, a woman who had called an FBI hotline claimed she was worried he could be “getting into a school and just shooting the place up.”

She worried he could explode at any minute.

His Instagram was full of pictures of him holding guns. He even posted on a YouTube video that he was going to “become a professional school shooter.” The FBI claimed they couldn’t track him despite HIS NAME being the YouTube username.

The shooter was clearly a head case before the shooting even began. He was mentally unstable, yet the FBI was too busy chasing Russian trolls who posted a few Facebook ads and tweets to take any action before the shooter finally decided to unleash on the students.

In the wake of the shooting, the NRA has come under heavy fire from Democrats.

But let’s talk about a few reasons gun control doesn’t work how Democrats believe it will:

  1. Over 98% of mass shooting occur in “gun free zones.” Criminals don’t care about the law or rules, why would they follow a gun free zone sign?
  2. Take a look at the cities with the strictest gun control laws like Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore and others and you’ll see gun laws DON’T STOP CRIMINALS from killing.
  3. The left loves to claim gun ownership rate increases homicide rate. The fact of the matter, that’s completely false. This graph destroys that narrative.

I’m writing this to explain why we can’t trust our current government to protect us. So let me talk about that now.

First, with a failing government, the second amendment becomes a crucial asset to the American people  protecting themselves.

Second, I spent so much time at the beginning of this talking about the FBI’s witch hunt because our FBI apparently has their priorities in the Russian witch hunt, wiretapping Donald Trump or wiretapping NCAA basketball coaches.  The Democrats even want to boost the FBI’s budget by $300 million to investigate Russia influencing our elections harder.

So why is this important?

The FBI was tipped off about the Florida shooter numerous times. The FBI had the Orlando pulse night club shooter on a watch list and then took him off prior to his rampage at Pulse. The FBI had warning signs for the Boston bombers and didn’t act.

There’s just a few examples of the FBI dropping the ball.

Not only did the police get called to the Florida shooters house over 30 times. Not only did many people report the shooter. But now new revelations were reported by CNN today that at least FOUR Broward Country Sheriff’s Deputies COWARDLY stood down outside the Stoneman Douglas high school as the shooter tore through the halls.

But we’re really supposed to trust the government to protect us?

There’s more than enough evidence exposing the fact that the government is either too lazy, incompetent, or too cowardly to protect us.

Ludicrous. People need to wake up.

There’s been no shortage of tweets on the subject either.


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