California Democrats Deliver BRUTAL Blow Against Dianne Feinstein

Could it be that Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Senate re-election bid is in trouble?

That could be a reasonable conclusion based on Saturday’s stunning turn of events that resulted in California Dems refusing to endorse her over upstart Kevin de León in this year’s midterm elections.

The executive committee chose to shun the powerful career politician who has been deemed as insufficiently leftist to represent what has become the bastion of the anti-Trump resistance. The committee voted 217-22 to endorse de León with 94 hedging their bets and endorsing neither.

It was a humiliating blow for the octogenarian who used her tenure as mayor of San Francisco as a springboard to the U.S. Senate. It was in the upper chamber where she eventually came to lord it over several of the most important committees but as the resentment over Trump’s surprise election and that pesky Electoral College festered out on the left coast, it was clear that her time was coming to a close.

You get an idea of just how extreme that California has become when Di Fi is no longer liberal enough for them and it doesn’t help matters that she would be a spry 91-years-old by the end of her next term if reelected.

At 51-years-old, de León may not exactly be a whippersnapper like socialist firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but he does better represent the new generation of social justice warriors and cultural cleansers than an old nag who should have been packed off to the glue factory by voters years ago.

Via Politico “Feinstein gets progressive smackdown”:

California Democrats, torn by infighting between moderate and progressive factions, rebuked Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s bid for a fifth term — for the second time this year.

The state party’s executive committee voted Saturday to endorse progressive state Sen. Kevin de León in the general election, signaling what many fear will be a divisive Democrat-on-Democrat battle going toward to the fall in California, where the party hoped to put the focus on a host of crucial congressional races that could determine control of the House of Representatives.

The endorsement delivers a lifeline to de León’s struggling campaign — and the party’s imprimatur, which is accompanied by valuable access to slate cards, email lists and voter outreach machinery that will allow him to reach an estimated 2 million Democratic voters. And he could also get an infusion of federal campaign cash shared with the party, party officials said.

Feinstein was also dissed by the Democrats at February’s state convention where she failed to gain the endorsement of the activist base and also received another smackdown when billionaire impeachment fanatic Tom Steyer endorsed de León.

She did receive the backing from former President Barack Obama and will still have the majority of the high-rollers behind her as she calls in a career of political favors but the last thing that the already fracturing party needed was a duel like this that brings attention to the truth that the Democrat leadership is geriatric, decrepit and out of touch.

The insurgent faction has turned the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into a litmus test but that is not an idea that will be a big seller outside of California. At least according to a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll that found voters are overwhelmingly opposed to such a drastic idea.

As a Latino, de León also has the street cred with those who have demonized ICE agents as Nazis or worse and he scored big points with the base by throwing an #Abolish ICE cream social.

This should be a very interesting contest to watch for an early indicator on whether the radicals will gain the upper hand heading into the 2020 primaries.

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