BUSTED: Former Top Clinton Aide Caught Leading Effort To Have Brett Kavanaugh REMOVED

Former Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign spokesman Brian Fallon has been caught leading an effort to get Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh removed from teaching a course this summer at George Mason University.

According to Fox News, Fallon, who is the head of a far-left group called Demand Justice, has been running ads on Facebook demanding George Mason University students to sign a petition in support of ousting Kavanaugh from teaching the course.

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The petition, which is called “Mason For Survivors,” has just over 5,000 signatures and calls for the termination of “ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University.”

Here’s what the Facebook ad states:

“Brett Kavanaugh’s performance during his testimony in front of the Senate was a disgrace. His blatant partisan attacks and hostile behavior towards senators calls into question his ability to serve as a fair and impartial judge. His conduct undermines the legitimacy of his decisions and the entire Supreme Court. We’re calling on Congress to open an investigation into Kavanaugh right now.”

In a press release, Fallon pushed the unproved sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh as the reason why he wants the Supreme Court Justice ousted from the teaching gig.

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“Brett Kavanaugh has been credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women whose allegations have not been thoroughly investigated,” Fallon said.

“His confirmation to the Supreme Court does not absolve him of guilt, and he should not be given a platform to teach. We stand with survivors and urge the George Mason University administration to fire Kavanaugh,” he added.

Fortunately, the university released a statement indicating that it does not plan to remove Kavanaugh from his teaching position.

“I respect the views of people who disagreed with Justice Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation due to questions raised about his sexual conduct in high school. But he was confirmed and is now a sitting Justice,” said George Mason University president Angel Cabrera.

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“The law school has determined that the involvement of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice contributes to making our law program uniquely valuable for our students. And I accept their judgment,” he added. “This decision, controversial as it may be, in no way affects the university’s ongoing efforts to eradicate sexual violence from our campuses.”

This is another effort from petty Democrats to go after Kavanaugh because he is a conservative and was appointed by President Donald Trump.

In October, the FBI gave Congress its final report into the supplemental background check, which revealed that there was no support for the allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

The FBI’s investigation was in response to several women coming forward with weak allegations against Kavanaugh soon after President Donald Trump nominated him to the Supreme Court.

While liberals did their absolute best to thwart Kavanaugh’s nomination and attack him with baseless allegations, he was also awarded the American Bar Association’s highest honor.

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