BUSTED! Democrat Stacey Abrams’ Nonprofit Smacked With 7 Violations

Democrat Stacey Abrams failed in her election to become the governor of Georgia last year, but that’s not the only bad news she has received lately.

Now her woes continue as her nonprofit was dinged with at least seven violations in the form of tax liens.

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Three of the latest tax liens against her nonprofit, known as Third Sector Development, have come within the last year alone.

Abrams and her nonprofits latest mistakes are because she failed to pay state unemployment tax.

According to the Daily Caller:

“Third Sector Development, a nonprofit started by Abrams that focuses on registering black voters, was hit with three separate tax liens in the past year for failing to pay state unemployment tax, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday. The three tax liens, filed by Georgia state regulators, total roughly $3,500.”

The amount owed isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things, but the operative word might be “scheme” as many wonder why the Democrat’s nonprofit has now been hit with seven tax liens over the years.

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Back in 2014, the nonprofit was smacked with tax liens for $13,000 and it was again tied to not contributing to the employment taxes.

But Abrams acts like it’s not her fault or the fault of her nonprofit. She claims that a “third-party” made some clerical mistakes and that’s why there’s all these issues.

Caitlin Highland, a spokeswoman for Abrams, claims the payments were made and they’re waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Many might want to know if those payments were paid when they were supposed to be paid or were paid only after being hit with the tax liens.

Highland stated:

“In spite of timely payments to Georgia, Third Sector Development is awaiting final action from the Department of Labor to fully resolve this matter. Last year, Third Sector took steps immediately to satisfy liens imposed for unemployment insurance paid to the federal rather than state government, due entirely to third party contractor error. Unfortunately, the process has taken several months and remains unresolved. They are working closely with [Department of Labor] staff to correctly credit the accounts and bring this matter to closure.”

Here’s where the story becomes more murky and possibly a bit more obvious as to what’s really going on. Abrams has reportedly been paid very well for the “nonprofit” work she’s done.

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The Daily Caller report stated the ridiculous amount she was paid by the nonprofits, “Third Sector Development and Voter Access Institute — two groups founded by the Democrat — have paid her nearly half a million dollars over the course of three years. Both organizations raked in $12.5 million in donations between 2013 and 2016. However, she has remained quiet on the sources of the donations.”

That’s the catch with nonprofits.

It appears as though she started a nonprofit, took donations, then pocketed a large payment from the nonprofit for years.

The same person who gave the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address appears to be wrapped up in a nonprofit scandal in which she’s getting slapped with tax liens and taking huge payments from the organizations.

On top of that, it’s reported that Abrams owes at least $200,000 in credit card bills, loans, etc as someone who clearly struggles with finances.

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