BUSTED AGAIN! CNN Accused Of Secretly Working With Dems During Bernie Town Hall

Another election, another allegation that CNN colluded with a Democratic candidate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders participated in a CNN town hall on Monday night to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign and the policies he supports.

According to Paste Magazine, some of the audience members who asked Sanders questions during the town hall may have been stacked against the Vermont socialist.

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A young woman who asked Sanders a critical question about allegations of sexual harassment in his 2016 presidential campaign was introduced as a student at American University in Washington, D.C.

However, the outlet alleges that the student also serves as an intern for Cassidy & Associates, a large progressive lobbying group in Washington, D.C.

Below is the exchange between Sanders and the young woman:

Paste Magazine suggests that several other audience members were introduced as students, but many have professional ties to liberal political groups and organizations.

Two audience members reportedly previously worked within the Democratic Party establishment.

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Here’s more from the report on the audience members:

— CNN called Tara Ebersole a “former biology professor” when her LinkedIn page lists her current job description as “Chair, Baltimore County Democratic Party” since 2016. Further, her husband was part of Hillary Clinton’s leadership council in Baltimore in 2016.

— Abena McAllister was labeled “an active Democrat,” which is far less descriptive than the Charles County Democratic Central Committee’s description of her as their Chair.

— Yunjung Seo was simply called a “George Washington Student” by CNN, despite her LinkedIn page saying she also works for the Katz Watson Group, a fundraising and consulting outlet.

— Michelle Gregory was simply listed as a “Maryland voter” by CNN, but a cursory Google search reveals her to be much more active in politics than just voting.

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Here’s more from Paste Magazine:

I watched the entire town hall last night, and none of the questions asked by these people resonated as unfair to me. There were a couple asked by other people that were based on wrong assumptions (like the myth that Bernie’s only support comes from young white dudes), but it’s hard to blame individuals for coming to wrong conclusions like that when the Democratic Party’s infrastructure has invested so much time and energy gaslighting the public into thinking that way.

The questions these individuals asked Sanders wasn’t necessarily unfair, but CNN failed to publicly specify their connections to Democratic and left-leaning groups.

This matters because the audience members chosen to ask questions are fully vetted beforehand.

It’s presumed that CNN undoubtedly knew about their connections to left-leaning groups, many of which are already attacking Sanders because they argue he shouldn’t be the 2020 Democratic nominee to take on President Donald Trump.

Why didn’t CNN disclose the audience members’ ties and connections?

Some far-left groups are also attacking Sanders as being unfit to run for the Democratic nomination because he is an older white male.

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