LEAKED AUDIO: Democrat Activists Told NOT To Reveal That They Were Brought In By The Busload

A leaked audio bit has been discovered and shared on social media that exposes a busload of liberal protesters/activists being warned that they may not tell anyone on social media how they arrived at their location. They were reportedly traveling from NYC to upper New York, a more conservative town. They were en route to support the Antonio Delgado campaign. He’s running for Congress in New York’s 19th Congressional district and the race against incumbent Rep. John Faso is tight.

The leaked audio from the busload of liberals completely legitimizes the theory that protesters and activists are constantly bussed in to disrupt and outnumber conservative voices, or just to increase numbers at Democrat events so it looks like a candidate has more support than they really do.

Watch this video!

“One thing that I wanted to say that is important, if you post on social media, please do not mention that you are from New York City. The reason is, much though they love us, the Faso campaign on September 15th posted that the Delgado campaign was bussing in busloads of New York City democratic socialists, bringing outsiders in to try to sway the campaign. And the campaign is understandably concerned about this.”

Faso was right! Now they’re caught being bussed in and what’s going to happen next? Well, probably nothing, but at least we have stone cold proof that the theory of bussed in protesters is no longer a theory, but a practice we can prove.

I don’t know how much they pay the people to travel and protest, but I’m about to hop on the bus and get a free trip out of it! Where we going next? I’ll get on the bus, get paid, and go have dinner at a fancy restaurant while the liberals are huffing and puffing about something they don’t like.

If they ask me where I was the whole time, then I’ll just say I was the guy in the mask or the one holding up the sign.

Maybe I’ll sneak a MAGA hat onto the bus and see what town they kick me out in!

Have your cell phone ready, because I might need a ride home!

Imagine a busload of liberals seeing someone stand up and yell MAGA!!!

Saturday Night Live should give me a call, I think I just wrote the plot to their next bit and it’s funnier than anything they’ve done in ages! Subjectively, of course…