BREAKING: White House Makes HUGE Decision On U.S.-North Korea Summit

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday morning that the United States has pulled out of the upcoming summit with North Korea.

As noted by Axios, the White House released an explosive statement explaining that the U.S. wanted the June 12 summit to take place, but said dictator Kim Jong Un has not been living up to his end of the deal.

In the statement, Trump writes that Kim has displayed aggressive behavior and changed his tune in recent weeks, saying it would be inappropriate for the U.S. to have the meeting.

The president said Kim appeared very willing and open to achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula a few weeks ago, but said the dictator is now refusing to honor those initial commitments, saying the U.S. is not going to accept a bad deal.

After a speaking very diplomatically and saying he’s saddened that North Korea won’t respect the idea of peace for the Peninsula and the world, the president reminded Kim that he didn’t appreciate his recent threats about nuclear war.

Earlier this week, Kim boasted about the regime’s nuclear capabilities and said he could match the United States weaponry in a war.

Trump made it very clear in the letter that America has the strongest and most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world, and that threatening the U.S. would have major consequences.

What changed? 

Last week, Kim met with China to discuss the upcoming U.S. summit, and things have spiraled out of control since then. China has leverage over North Korea, and if the regime strikes a deal with America, China will lose control over the Korean regime.

North Korea has been threatening the U.S. and claiming it will use its nuclear weapons on America since the meeting with China, and Trump is not having it.

Kim appears to be playing games to see if he can get a rise out of Trump, and the president just called his bluff.

North Korea has no leverage with Trump, and they will have to meet many of the president’s demands if they want to even discuss a deal.

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