BREAKING: Welfare Moochers get BAD News From President Trump

If your a legal hard working tax paying American this is great news.

When we pay taxes, we want that money to be spent CORRECTLY. And although for YEARS we’ve carried the load for freeloaders in our society, it appears that those days are coming to an end!

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has annuonced he is going to CUT “Obamaphone” waste, fraud and abuse! This will save MILLIONS for the American people so we can put that money to a better use!

According to a 2015 Politico article, this “Lifeline” (Obamaphone program) is RIPE for fraud. Now however, it appears that President Trump’s team is going to put a STOP to the madness!

More from Breitbart:

“Chairman Ajit Pai and Republicans in Congress argue that the program needs reform, including setting a limited budget of $1.5 billion to cut waste and abuse within the program. Pai said, “A budget induces careful spending.”

Not only does the FCC want to provide better service to every American, but Pai also wants to curtail waste, fraud, abuse in the Obamaphone program.

Ajit Pai has been a vocal critic of the Lifeline program, even accusing other FCC Commissioners of trying to keep a $51 million fraud investigation quiet.

Pai’s Obamaphone reform also coincides with his drive to improve transparency at the FCC. He plans to have the FCC’s agenda for public comment before agency votes on new regulations.

Chairman Pai’s scrutiny over the Lifeline program has sparked controversy, with many publications arguing that he curtailed low-income Americans’ access to affordable phone service. However, Pai contends that his reforms only affected 1% of Lifeline providers. Chairman Pai says he hopes to help all Americans get affordable access to phone and internet service.”

Isn’t it great that we have a BUSINESSMAN running the country?! He and his team know how to cut spending and save money like nobody else!



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