BREAKING: The TV ratings are in for Trump’s speech and it DOUBLED THE GRAMMYS!

Last night, President Trump gave an incredible speech that even has some DEMOCRATS admitting it was a success. According to a CBS poll, 75% of viewers approved of his speech and more than 65% said they felt “proud” after watching it.

Now, we have just gotten word about the ratings for his State of the Union address, and Hollywood should be FREAKING out. Not only did his speech absolutely obliterate the Grammy’s but it more than DOUBLED them!

According to Deadline, Trump’s speech drew 47 million viewers:

With cable news and many others plus online streaming blanketing the event, Trump also made such an unofficial speech last year and snagged a 5.6/9 MM rating on NBC, a 4.5/7 on CBS, a 3.8/6 on ABC and a 2.1/3 on Fox.

In the final numbers, 47.7 million watched that speech in front of the members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs and more.

Deadline also points out that the Grammy’s only pulled 19 million viewers:

James Corden’s second kick at the Grammy host can saw 19.81 million tune into watch music’s supposedly biggest night. That’s down 24% from the final viewership of the February 12, 2017 Grammys and the worst the CBS aired ceremony has done since 2009.

Among the key demographic of adults 18-49, Sunday’s Bruno Mars topping Grammys snagged a 5.9. Coming off metered market ratings earlier today that projected an all-time ratings low, the demo result has fallen 24% from the 59th annual Grammys to hit that rock bottom result.

What an incredible indictment of Hollywood and the liberal media. They desperately wanted this speech to have poor ratings, but it is TRUMP with the last laugh!

As we mentioned above, the CBS poll showed some eye-opening numbers:

Here were some of the best responses to Trump’s State of the Union address: