BREAKING: Trump takes the lead in MICHIGAN absentee voting!

Democrats must be SHAKING in their boots…

Folks, if Trump wins Michigan we could be looking at a landslide of EPIC proportions.

According to, more than 20,624 MORE ballots have been cast for Republicans than Democrats!

Michigan Republicans and Democrats are both optimistic about their chances to win large numbers of absentee voters, finding positive trends about their parties in initial returns of absentee ballots less than two weeks before Election Day.

Republicans have a slight lead in the amount of absentee ballots returned by likely voters, but a larger percentage of voters identified as Democrats have returned their ballots, according to a new data analysis.

As of Wednesday, voters identified as Republican had returned 20,624 more ballots than those believed to be Democrats, 190,734 to 170,110, according to an analysis by Practical Political Consulting in East Lansing.

“We’re winning,” Steven Ostrow, executive director of the Michigan Republican Party. “Over the last three, four or five days, the returns have really started to swing our way.”

We ALL must get out and vote on November 8th!