BREAKING: Trump signs executive order that silences EVERY LIBERAL who cries “racism”!

How will they spin this one?

As you know, the Democrats can’t go one day without trashing our President and calling him racist, but they’re going to have a tough time making that charge after this YUGE executive order that Trump just signed!

As we forecasted earlier, Trump signed an executive order that will help fund ‘Historically Black Colleges’! This is a HUGE win for a community that has been taken advantage of by the Democrats!

Take a look at this amazing moment:

Here’s the more from HBCU Digest:


“The executive order, the development of which many advocates say has been among the most progressive partnerships between the White House and HBCUs in decades, could reveal new standards of funding and federal support for black colleges, including moving the White House Initiative on HBCUs under the purview of White House administration and mandatory funding benchmarks from federal agencies for grants and contracts.

President Trump, who addressed the delegation as a “beautiful group of people’ doing ‘tough and important’ work during a group visit to the Oval Office, headlined the afternoon meeting with more than 80 campus leaders, who discussed policy making and high-impact opportunities for black colleges to build programs and capacity through strategic investments from federal agencies and funding lines.”

If Trump keeps making good on his promises like this, he will surely be re-elected in 2020!!