BREAKING: Seattle Police Confiscate First Gun Under New ‘Mental Health’ Law

The Seattle Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in the state to confiscate a firearm from an individual.

Under newly passed extreme risk protection orders — or “red flag laws” — Washington can legally take firearms away from individuals they deem are dangerous to society.

According to KATU, A man living in the Belltown neighborhood had his firearm confiscated this past weekend without any due process or formal charges.

The man has not been identified, but police confirmed they confiscated his gun after neighbors complained the man had been “staring” at people through storefront windows while carrying a weapon.

Given there are open carry laws in the locality, the man was legally allowed to carry the firearm.

Nevertheless, residents complained to police that the man was suspicious and strange because he reportedly stared at people.

Again, that is not illegal and is well within his Constitutional rights.

But because locals in the liberal state were so petrified at the thought of a gun, “red flag” laws allowed police to take his gun from him.

His Second Amendment rights were trampled on, there was no due process, and they took his gun without even arresting him.

This is another scathing attempt by Democrats to impose dictatorial actions that infringe on citizens right to bear arms.

As more states follow liberal Washington’s lead, this overreaching new law should concern all Americans.

What do you think about this liberal gun-confiscation law?